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Posted 06 September 2011 - 05:40 PM

Post: [Feral] Simple Questions + WoL Feedback
User: polymorphist
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Original Post:

I am relatively new to this class and wow in general.
I have a few questions which I request input from you pro players.

a)Between balance and feral which spec has the potential for high dps in PVE ?
Please consider all the other parameters such as gear,skill etc to be equal.
Personally I love feral but I keep on hearing balance in trade chat when I asked the same question.

B) How much dps is expected from feral or balance for 5 man heroics ?

c) Is it possible for me to tank 5 man cata heroics (non-troll instances) with my current gear ?
I will be getting the ring from earthen ring soon replacing my PVP ring.

Polymorphist @ Nesingwary - Game - World of Warcraft

This is my armory link.

Thanks in advance.

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