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Infraction for Scraperbike: Multiple violations.

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Posted 13 September 2011 - 11:30 AM

Post: [Enhancement] BiS gear and set-up discussion (4.2 and onward)
User: Scraperbike
Infraction: Multiple violations.
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Administrative Note:

Message to User:

Rule 6: You're not a Blizzard developer and you don't know what will or won't be nerfed. Your guarantee is worthless. Actually, it's less than worthless. Mere common sense suggests that you're wrong. Blizzard is preparing to put patch 4.3 on the PTR, patch 4.2 is almost at its end, and the spell power axe remains in the game.

Rule 7: If you want to find out how a trinket performs with a particular setup, sim it yourself and find out. The point of this thread is to show you how to think for yourself, not provide a private consultant for all your little questions.

Original Post:

Updated. Replaced with in both the melee and spell power main hand profiles.

Wanted to make a special note about this as trinkets tend to be widely sought after.

Variable Pulse Lightning Capacitor (heroic) is an upgrade over Ancient Petrified Seed. It is, however, a very small upgrade, it only provides roughly a 50 dps increase. I wanted to make sure people aren't freaking out about getting VPLC as an Enhancement Shaman, as it's likely to be a much larger boost for any spell caster.

The normal and heroic versions are both good alternatives to Ancient Petrified Seed if you are an engineer, due to the fact that they do not interfere with Synapse Springs, and especially if remaining near the spell hit cap is difficult at your specific gear level.


Will this still be true without the caster mh? Don't count on the caster axe being used forever, it will be nerfed guaranteed and we will be back to agi mh

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