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[Enhancement] 4.3 - At least your old Axe is good for transmog!

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Posted 29 November 2011 - 06:31 AM

Please Note: If you notice any grammatical mistakes please PM Cochice rather than posting in the thread and cluttering it up. I welcome any comments/criticisms/bounties for my head/etc. I'll also be the first to admit that I can, and probably will, make mistakes here and there, please try to remain civil if there are any glaring mistakes that need arguing.

Reason for this thread:
This initial post is intended as a comprehensive overview for the Enhancement community. It is not a BiS list. It is not a run-down of all the entry level instances and what they drop. It is not going to reflect the newest, most experimental rotation that still needs further testing. It is meant to serve as both a jumping-off point for new enhancers and a place where players can come for information without having to read through a lengthy discussion. However, for those of us that live and die by these "lengthy discussions," the thread itself will also serve as an in-depth discussion whose information will be adapted into the OP. The information here is intended for level 85 content.

Readers should understand a few things. First of all, readers and posters are expected to read everything relevant to their question at least once before posting. EJ has a fantastic search function that will assist you in this. The mods on these boards are not fucking around, and you will be warned or infracted if the answer to your question is staring you in the face. Second, if you're new to the Shaman boards, don't be surprised if you see the phrase "Sim it first," more often than you expect. A link to the EnhSim site and thread is located at the bottom of this post. If you haven't already, I suggest you download it now.

Giving Credit where Credit is due:
Much of the information contained in this thread has come from countless hours testing from players more patient and dedicated than myself. Some of this information (and lots of other awesome information) can be found here:
Enhancement Shaman TTT
Combat Ratings at level 85
Crit Cap Analysis
Enhancement Guide by Elam
Gearing for Raids by Ashunera
Cataclysm Shaman FAQ by Slant
And pretty much every Enhancement thread on this forum.

If you haven't yet, take a look at the BiS thread.
Also thanks to: Ashunera, bestpike, dedmonwakeen, Disquette, Elam, Jessamy, Levva, Malan, Rouncer, Slant, Yo!, ziff

[TABLE="head"]Abbreviation | Meaning
Agi | Agility
AE | Area Effect
AP | Attack Power
1H | 1-Hander/Handed
BiS | Best in slot
CL | Chain Lightning
DoT | Damage over Time
DPS | Damage Per Second
DW | Dual-Wield
ED | Elemental Devastation
ES | Earth Shock
FE | Fire Elemental
FN | Fire Nova
FrS | Frost Shock
FS_UEF | Flame Shock when Unleash Flame buff is active
FS | Flame Shock
FT | Flametongue
GCD | Global Cooldown
GW | Ghost Wolf
ICD | Internal Cooldown
Int | Intellect
LB | Lightning Bolt
LL | Lava Lash
LS | Lightning Shield
LvB | Lava Burst
MH | Main Hand
MQ | Mental Quickness
MSW | Maelstrom Weapon
MT | Magma Totem
MW5_CL | Maelstrom Weapon x 5 stacks - Chain Lightning
MW5_LB | Maelstrom Weapon x 5 stacks - Lightning Bolt
OH | Off Hand
SP | Spell Power
SR | Shamanistic Rage
SS | Stormstrike
Str | Strength
SW | Spirit Wolves
TC | Theorycraft
UE | Unleash Elements
UF | Unleash Flame
UW | Unleash Wind
WF | Windfury

=Enhancement Basics=

==Primary Skills==
At level 10, when a shaman chooses to specialize in the Enhancement tree, these skills become available.
[TABLE="head"] Skill | Notes
Dual Wield | Allows you to equip 1H and OH weapons in your OH, also gives you 6% melee hit and the ability to parry. Awesome, huh!?
Mental Quickness | Allows Enhancement to scale properly with AP and Agi while still dealing a significant amount of damage through spells.
Lava Lash | In Cataclysm, Enhancement's hardest hitting attack. Melee strike dealing fire damage. Does more damage when FT is on the OH.
Primal Wisdom | Allows Enhancement to not worry about mana from gear because it provides steady, passive, regen. [/TABLE]

Enhanced Elements -- Mastery is learned by all classes at level 80. Each spec has a unique mastery which is supposed to bring something "fun" to each class. While our mastery is simply a passive damage modifier, it remains a very powerful stat for Enhancement Shamans.

==On Caster Weapons==
As of patch 4.3 caster weapons no longer grant any benefit to an Enhancement Shaman. Unless something changes, there is zero reason to use a Caster Weapon.

==Unleash Elements==
Unleash Elements -- new to Cataclysm. It will do something different depending on the weapon imbue(s) on the shaman's weapon(s). See imbues for their respective unleash.

==Windfury Weapon==
The Windfury Weapon imbue is the Enhancement Shaman's primary MH weapon imbue. The design of the class intends for it to be used on the MH in most cases (the exception being FB in PvP, sometime's it's better to have it on your MH instead of your OH). As of Patch 4.0.6, WF now procs 3 hits instead of two, this secures it's place as the imbue of choice for Enhancement Shamans.

The instant cast nature of the Windfury proc greatly benefits from slower weapons and their higher damage range. Since there is no way to speed up the cooldown of the Windfury proc, or to proc more often by using a fast weapon, the only way to increase damage done by Windfury Weapon is to use a slow, high DPS weapon.

===Unleash Wind===
Unleash Wind -- Pretty straightforward. Great buff, and usable at range while running to a mob. Recieved a buff for 4.2, making UE that much more important.

===Windfury Proc Rate===
Analysis of the combat log shows that if you sum all hits, the proc rate while DWing is 20%, but that includes hits you make while inside the 3 second cooldown, which cannot actually proc WF. When you remove the ineligible hits the observed proc rate from the eligible hits becomes 36%.

==Flametongue Weapon==
The Flametongue Weapon imbue is the Enhancement Shaman's primary OH weapon imbue. It increases the damage of LL, and causes us to proc fire damage on every OH hit. Flametongue performs better than Windfury on the OH in all cases. Flametongue scales appropriately with weapon speed. Slower weapons cause more FT damage and fast weapons cause less damage. As of Patch 4.0.6, FT now scales from AP instead of SP. As of Patch 4.3, FT increases "non-physical damage done by the weilder," instead of increasing spell damage. This means that FT now affects LL damage along with the damage of the FT proc.

===Unleash Flame===
Unleash Flame -- Only LvB, FS and FN will benefit from the UF buff, and as Enhancement doesn't (usually) use LvB in a normal rotation, you will want to make sure that you are consuming this buff with FS every time it is up (if possible). Even if you are casting LvB though, consuming UF with FS is still going to result in higher damage. It's also important to note that if you spam FS at the end of your LvB cast, both spells will receive the UF benefit. If you find yourself in an AoE situation, UF's use with FN will be a significant boost. With the changes to AoE in 4.3, UE's usage will change with multiple targets. UE will affect the spread FS dots when you LL. More than likely, it will be best to FS>UE>LL, and then UE for FN when not spreading FS.

==Frostbrand Weapon==
Frostbrand Weapon -- Generally speaking, this is one of the imbues you'll use in PvP. Can proc a 50% snare on hits. Certain situations call for it on the MH and certain are better for the OH. This guide is primarily PvE focused, and I don't consider myself an authority on Enhancement PvP, but I believe the rule of thumb is: if it's heavily armored FB goes on the MH, and if it's not, the OH.

PvE boss mobs are immune to the Frostbrand Weapon debuff; Windfury is a superior PvE main hand weapon imbue.

===Unleash Frost===
Unleash Frost -- Great in PvP, especially when playing with someone also using frost based snare effects.

==Rockbiter Weapon==
Rockbiter Weapon -- No you're not seeing things, this imbue provides the shaman with both damage reduction and increased threat generation. This is not to imply that shamans are to tank in Cataclysm, however it is nice in a pinch. If you're in a 5 man and you have an extra weapon in your bag, it doesn't hurt to have it pre-imbued and have a macro to swap it into your OH if you need to save a healer.

===Unleash Earth===
Unleash Earth -- Yes, that's a taunt. As stated above, when prepared, can be utilized successfully in a pinch. Also possible implications for gimmick fights. Very likely these gimmicks will involve a ranged Elemental Shaman, instead of an Enhancement shaman, but we can dream. Please note: this unleash is a Mocking Blow effect and not a true taunt.

A talent calculator can be found here.
==Talent Overview==
All talents available to an Enhancement Shaman are covered here.

- | Enhancement | -
1 | Elemental Weapons | Increases damage from both imbues and from corresponding UE buffs.
1 | Focused Strikes | Boosts SS damage.
1 | Improved Shields | Increases the damage and regen on your shields. Unfortunately isn't a huge DPS boost. Generally a filler talent.
2 | Elemental Devastation | Caster/Melee hybrid synergy talent. Increases the value of crit and int. Me likey.
2 | Flurry | Straightforward - faster swings after crits. Again, increasing value of crit.
2 | Ancestral Swiftness | While not a DPS boost technically, since Ghost Wolf is usable indoors now, this talent is one of the strongest in the tree. A must have. Also allows us to enchant something other than run speed on boots.
2 | Totemic Reach | Increases the range on totems, including the bolt range on Searing Totem. Can be used as filler.
3 | Toughness | PvP talent, but lackluster even as that. With Earthen Power, SR, SW and GW to get out of snares, the utility on this talent is often useless.
3 | Stormstrike | One of the main strikes in the Enhancement rotation. Also applies a debuff which further helps with Caster/Melee hybrid synergy. Considerably buffed in 4.2!
3 | Static Shock | Causes passive damage procs on LL and SS, and makes use of LS.
4 | Frozen Power | PvP Talent. Gives a ranged root which is super awesome. Skip this for a PvE talent build, the damage buff portion of the talent doesn't apply as PvE bosses are immune to the Frostbrand Weapon debuff.
4 | Seasoned Winds | Intended as a PvP talent, but lackluster for both PvP and PvE. Can be used as filler.
4 | Searing Flames | Applies a stacking DoT.
5 | Earthen Power | PvP talent. Gets rid of any snares on allies in range when it pulses. Totally awesome.
5 | Shamanistic Rage | Thanks to Primal Wisdom, we can now use this a bit more freely. No actual DPS increase, but situationally incredible.
5 | Unleashed Rage | Supplies the raid with 10% AP, but also gives a huge boost in expertise. Must have.
6 | Maelstrom Weapon | Allows the use of spells that normally have a cast time. Thumbs up. As of 4.3, can proc off absorbs! Happy day!
6 | Improved Lava Lash | This makes Enhancement AoE fun and exciting, as opposed to horrible and vomit-inducing.
7 | Feral Spirit | Our main DPS cooldown. Wolves also have great utility, they can stun, taunt, clear snares and give the shaman a sprint. Unfortuantely they don't hit very hard.
-| Elemental | -
1 | Acuity | Straight up crit.
1 | Convection | Available, but worthless to your everyday enhancer.
1 | Concussion | Increased damage on some spells. Solid.
2 | Call of Flame | Will increase Searing Flames tick damage and Fire Nova damage.
2 | Elemental Warding | No DPS increase at all, but depending on the fight, gives decent damage reduction.
2 | Reverberation | 1 sec reduction on shocks, worth a bit more with Unleash Elements in the mix. Also decreases the cooldown of Wind Shear. Makes us Lean, Mean, Interrupting Machines.
2 | Elemental Precision | Provides you with a little bit of mastery without calling it mastery.

=Priority Queue=
Like many classes, Enhancement Shamans don't have a set rotation, and instead use a priority queue. This concept is fairly straightforward - the higher a ability is in the queue, the higher priority it has. This means that if it's off cooldown and available, use it, if not, go to the next ability, if it's unavailable, go to the next, etc.
Here is what a level 85 priority queue might look like. Sim your setup to find an optimal list. Don't be afraid to mess with MW5/4/3_LB! Please note that when using the sim, if you use sub 5 Maelstrom LB casts, it will automatically check for all stack numbers above that which you entered. So, for example, if you want to include MW4_LB, MW3_LB, and MW2_LB, it's only necessary to include MW2_LB, unless you want them to occur at different places in the list.

[table="head"]Priority | Abbreviation | Meaning
1 | ST_0 | Searing Totem with 0 ticks remaining
2 | SS | Stormstrike
3 | LL | Lava Lash
4 | MW5_LB | Maelstrom Weapon x5 stacks + Lightning Bolt
5 | FS_UEF | Flame Shock if the Unleash Flame buff is present
6 | UE | Unleash Elements
7 | ES | Earth Shock
8 | SW | Spirit Wolves
9 | ST | Searing Totem (with x ticks remaining, set in sim)

==Current Priority from BiS Thread==
This is what Ashunera has listed in the current BiS thread for the optimal priority queue.



In 4.3 Enhancement AoE got a massive overhaul. Rejoice! Now that Improved Lava Lash spreads FS from the current target, Enhancement can effectively cleave with massive ramp up and pitiful results.

At the very basic level, you will want to FS>LL>FN. However, using UE and dotting extra mobs in between cooldowns will significantly help your output. Note that UE will affect the FS damage of the initial application, but it will also affect the dot damage if your spread flameshocks. In addition, it will affect the damage of FN. So likely the best way to AoE will be to UE before spreading FS with LL. In between LL cooldowns, you should also be able to effectively multi-dot FS onto un-debuffed mobs. Here are some helpful mouseover macros for multidotting.

This will simply apply Flame Shock to your mouseover, provided it is alive, and an enemy.
#showtooltip Flame Shock
/cast [@mouseover,harm,nodead] Flame Shock

In addition to the functionality of the previous macro, this will start your swing timer, and Flame Shock your primary target if you do not have a valid mouseover target.
#showtooltip Flame Shock
/cast [@mouseover,harm,nodead][] Flame Shock

Grabbing Reverb and the Glyph of Flame Shock will help your AoE significantly. You should CL when possible and drop MT with 6+ mobs. This threshold is greatly dependant on Searing Totem's AI functioning correctly.

=Stats and Gearing=
==Hit and Expertise Caps==
Before focusing on anything else, an Enhancement Shaman should work on being spell-hit capped and expertise capped.
===Hit Cap===
All raid bosses are treated as +3 mobs (or 88, in the case of Cataclysm). While dual-wielding against a mob that is +3 levels, players have a 27% chance to miss with white attacks. In addition, players have a 17% chance to miss with spells against +3 mobs. Finally, special attacks (Stormtrike, Lava Lash, etc) have a 8% chance to miss against +3 mobs. Generally speaking, Enhancement Shamans only need to worry about the spell-hit cap. The exception to this is when approaching the crit cap, which, discussed later.

[table="head"] Cap type | rating needed (Draenei)
Spells (17%) | 1742 (1639)
White hits (27%) | 2523 (2404)
===Expertise Cap===
Expertise mitigates both Dodges and Parries, however since parries can only happen when attacking from the front, and melee should always be behind their target, mitigating Dodge is our only concern. +3 mobs have a 6.5% chance to dodge, which translates into 26 expertise. However, Unleashed Rage grants the shaman 8 expertise, meaning that in order to cap, we only need 18. Dwarves wielding Maces and Orcs wielding Axes or Fist weapons only need 15. It is also important to note that, for Orcs and Dwarves, sometimes it might be only worth it to Expertise cap one of your weapons (if, for example, you're a Axe/Mace combo). As always, sim it!

[table="head"] Cap Type | rating needed (Orc/Dwarf)
Dodge (26 expertise/6.5% to cap) | 541 (451)
Parry (56 expertise/14% to cap) | 1442 (1352)
[/table]Just in case you wanted to know parry values.

===Crit Cap===
For all melee classes, being over the Critical Cap is the situation where a portion of the player’s critical strike chance does not benefit a part or the whole of their DPS.

Melee attack types
There are 2 kinds of melee DPS: white auto-attacks and yellow special attacks. When talking about the Crit Cap only white auto-attacks are relevant.

White auto-attacks are affected by the following factors:
  • Glancing blows: This happens due to the level difference between the player and the Boss. As a Boss is always considered a minimum of 3 levels above the player, all of the player’s white melee attacks will have a 24% chance of being a Glancing Blow. Which is a reduced damage white attack that is unable to crit.
  • Dodge: When a melee attack happens on a Boss, there is a default 6.5% chance it will get dodged, and obviously a dodge cannot be a critical strike. This can be lowered and be completely negated with the use of Expertise rating and talents.
  • Parry: Attacking from the front of the Boss causes this and results in parries, failed attacks that cannot crit. Eliminated by attacking from behind.
  • Chance to miss: The white attack’s chance to miss for a dual-wielding Enhancement shaman is 27%, which goes to 21% when choosing Enhancement spec, thanks to Dual-wield Specialization. The remaining 21% can be reduced and totally nullified by the use of Hit Rating. Misses can’t crit either. Really!
  • Crit Depression: On a Boss-type mob, the ratio of white critical strikes will always be 4.8% lower than what is presented on the Character Sheet . What does this mean for the player? Just that they need 4.8% more crit in their char sheet in order to be doing the desired Critical strikes on the Boss. Earlier tests have claimed there is also a limit to the white-attacks that can be converted to Crits. This is not the case, there is no such limit, all normal white-attacks (not glancing blows) can be converted into critical strikes.
These factors can be unified into a single formula, like this:

Maximum Critical Chance (MCC) = 100% - (Glancing blows chance) – (Chance to be Dodged) - (Chance to be Parried) – (Chance to Miss)

This MCC number is the point where all white melee hits have been been removed from the table. Meaning that all melee attacks will be either glancing blows, dodges, parries, misses or critical strikes. At that point one can only increase their ratio of critical strikes by either adding more Expertise or more Hit rating and only if those are not capped already.

However there is still Crit Depression to take into account when attacking a Boss. So in order to reach the true MCC level on a Boss, one would need 4.8% more crit then is shown on their character sheet. For example, if your current MCC value is 70%, you could only remove all white hits from the table by having 74.8% on your character sheet. That point is also referred to as being Crit Capped as any additional Crit Rating past that point will have no effect on the ratio of critical strikes.

Crit Cap= MCC + 4.8%

==Stat Weights==
While introductory stat weights can be dangerous, it does help to have general guidelines when it comes to prioritizing one stat over another. If you're looking for a quick rule of thumb for Cataclysm, it's safe to go with:

Agility > Hit (under spell cap) > Expertise (under cap) > Mastery >> Crit = Strength > Hit >> Haste

Don't let this priority fool you, you should only ever have Str coming from weapons (and only in odd cases).

As always, this comes with the disclaimer that you should Sim your current gear setup to get actual numbers. The graphing function in Rawr is really awesome for seeing trends.

Agility is the primary stat for Enhancement. It provides 2 AP and .00307805% crit per point of agility. Also thanks to Mental Quickness, it provides a whole lot of psuedo-spell power. Gem for it as much as possible.

Hit, as usual, is the most important stat for Enhancement until the spell hit cap (17%, 1742 rating, 1639 for Draenei). Even after cap, though, hit still has some value. Even though interrupts can no longer miss (making hit unimportant for utility), you should be getting hit caps from reforging and not gemming, and you can only stack Agi with gems. So, there's no reason that you shouldn't be hit capped.

Expertise, like hit, is extremely valuable until cap (541 rating). Unlike hit, though, it has zero value after the cap, which means any point over is completely wasted, so try to hit it right on the money. It is likely better to be slightly under expertise cap than over. Check the sim for optimal results.

Mastery great for Enhancement. After Hit/Expertise caps, mastery is THE stat to reforge to.

Crit edges out haste in value, but not by much. Still important though.

Haste is no longer amazing for Enhancement. Long gone are the days of sub 1.0 speed 2.6 weapons. Since the 30% haste buff to DK/Pal/Druid/Shamans was reverted with 4.0, it lost a lot of it's luster. Also, other classes have a much more exciting interaction with haste (increased energy regen, etc). Since there's nothing like that in Enhancement, haste remains pretty "meh."

Strength gives Enhancement 1 AP per point. Not worth gearing for.

==Enhancement Points - EP==
Extensive modeling, simulation, and empirical testing (Original testing and theories done by Disquette, Pater, Tornhoof, and Yo!) have led to the development of a system for determining the items which produce the highest DPS in a raid environment. The Enhancement Points (EP) system assigns weights, or scores, to each stat point. These EP weights can then be plugged into mods like Pawn or web tools like LootRank to score items.

So, how do you go about getting ahold of these EP values? If you go to the bottom of this post, or just click here, you will see a link to the download site for EnhSim. Go click on that and get it downloaded. You can manually plug in all your character stats in the GUI, or if you use ShockAndAwe, it has a great function that will export all that stuff for you. You'll just need to double check/enter in the set bonuses, weapon imbues, and priorities. After everything is setup correctly, you can click the "Calculate EP Values" button, and go from there. This is also the same as going through the normal Sim process, except you hit the "Simulate" button instead.

If you need some more explanation on how to go through this process, Elam has a fantastic write up on on his blog, which you can find here.

===EP Ranges And Why They Matter===
Before using EP values successfully, you must first understand how they are calculated. First, the sim calculates your dps based on the numbers used. The sim then increases the value of a stat by a certain amount, and then calculates your dps again. The amount added is called the EP range. The dps difference is then divided by the amount that the stat was increased by. This gives us our eventual EP values. The sim does this individually for every stat.

This is very important: EP values only represent a snapshot of the player's stat values at that specific gear level. They do not, in any way, indicate how those stats will be valued with different gear.

Changing your EP Ranges can greatly affect your results. A good rule of thumb is to set your ranges equal to the value of about two gems. Your EP Range values of Hit and Expertise can tell you more than just your current values of those stat. If the EP range on either stat is set to a negative value, the sim will tell you how much the stats are worth on your current gear, even if you are capped. Just because you're spell-hit capped, does not mean that hit is now worthless. Maximizing the use of hit on your gear through reforging is key, and negative EP ranges will help you do this.

===How To Use EP Values===
The dynamics of Shaman DPS are dynamic enough that we will not offer sample EP values. All Shamans are encouraged to use a simulator to determine their own EP values. At the most basic level, EP values are simply a way for you to weigh your stats against each-other. Since all stats have a specific value in game that accounts for a percentage of the item budget, knowing which stats to value over others is important. For example, Agi/Int/Str/Crit/Haste/Mast/Spi/Hit/Exp are all worth the same amount on the item budget. This can easily be seen by looking at gems. All solid gems with these stats contain the same amount of said stat. However, other stats, like AP, SP, Spell Pen, Stam, etc have different budget values, so EP values are a way for us to normalize everything based on a single stat. For Enhancement Shamans, that stat is (usually) Attack Power.

After calculating your EP values in the sim, you'll get a bunch of values based on your current gear set, all normalized to 1 AP. So, to use an outlandish example (so as not to falsely give sample EP values that could lead someone in the wrong direction), if the sim told you that Spirit = 4.5 and Agi = 1.5, you would know that the Spirit on your gear is worth three times as much as the agi, and you should gem for it primarily (or your would look at your config, because you clearly did something wrong). This is obviously not going to be the case for any Enhancement Shaman, but it gives you an idea of how they work.

===How To NOT Use EP Values===
Do not use EP values to value a trinket, unless it's a static stat on said trinket. Most trinkets have varying uptime, or weird mechanics. Valid Enhancement trinkets are coded into the sim, and you can check how your DPS changes by swapping them out.

Do not use EP values to see what gear you'll want in the next tier. It might be good as a vague guideline, but you can only know how that gear will perform by simming the whole setup, not just checking the EP values. Our ability interactions will change greatly with different stats. Like I said earlier, EP values are only a snapshot of your current gear, and nothing more.

Do not use your personal EP values as an End All for the spec. They will fluctuate a lot.

==Set Bonuses==
===Teir 11===
These are the Enhancement Tier 11 pieces:

For most, it's a close margin between running 2 piece and 4 piece. The only way to tell for yourself is to sim it. The 2 piece bonus is fantastic, and the 4 piece is mediocre at best. Shoulders and Helm are the best itemized pieces, so that would be a good place to start.

===Tier 12===
These are the Enhancement Tier 12 pieces:

The 2 and 4 piece bonuses are both incredible. Get them asap!

===Tier 13===
These are the Enhancement Tier 13 Pieces:

The 2 piece bonus is great. It should be your number one priority. The 4 piece is mediocre at best, but it will be worth running only because there is only one off-set option in heroic. Running double two piece on the t12>t13 transition is a viable option.


Enhancement Shamans are lucky enough to have a large number of Prime and Major glyphs that are useful. Figuring out which is best for you will require some individual simulation.

Prime - You're going to want LL, and 2 of the 3 others listed. Sim to know which ones.

While it's a zero DPS increase, dropping WF or Feral Spirits for can be beneficial on some fights with a lot of movement.

Major -- The most interesting glyphs we have. CL, LS (and FN, a bit) potentially provide the only actual DPS increase, however, the utility brought by the other Majors is hard to beat.
-- DPS boost, but only in AE situations.
-- Currently doesn't scale, probably won't be worth much after the first tier. Still useful as a very minor damage reduction.
-- Will save you a global now and then, very useful.
-- Provides that much more mobility!
-- Provides the same buff as Elemental Resistance Totem
-- Very situational in PvE. Awesome in PvP.
-- Very situational.

Choose your own adventure!

=Gemming, Enchanting and Reforging=
==Gemming Guidelines==
is the best meta to use, by a long shot.

===Matching Socket Color===
Socket bonuses in Cataclysm are huge compared to those in WotLK. As such, you will want to match more socket bonuses than before. Since mastery is very good for Enhancement, matching a yellow socket with an orange gem (or even yellow) is almost always a good idea. For bonuses that are 20+ Agi or Mastery, match blue sockets (match them regardless if under hit cap). Other than that, go straight Agi. So far, there isn't a new version of , but if one crops up, we'll probably want to use it.
[table="head"] Color | Gem
Red |
Yellow |
Blue |

==Enchanting Guidelines==
[table="head"] Slot | Enchant
Head |
Shoulders |
Cloak | Enchant Cloak - Major Agility (Enchant Cloak - Greater Critical Strike if you don't have access to mnats)
Chest | Enchant Chest - Peerless Stats
Bracer | Enchant Bracer - Agility, Enchant Bracer - Precision or Enchant Bracer - Greater Expertise if under cap.
Gloves | Enchant Gloves - Greater Mastery
Belt |
Legs | Dragonscale Leg Armor
Boots | Enchant Boots - Mastery or Enchant Boots - Major Agility
MH | Enchant Weapon - Landslide
OH | Enchant Weapon - Landslide
Note: The sim is now modeling all weapon enchants correctly. Generally speaking:
landslide > avalanche > berserker > mongoose > hurricane
==Reforging Guidelines==
Since Agility is not a stat that can be reforged to, you want to free up as many sockets for Agi gems as possible. As such, reforging for Expertise and Hit caps is ideal, rather than gemming for them.

After achieving caps, reforge to as much mastery as you can. Depending on the values of Agi and Mastery, this is very much subject to change.

Consumables are pretty similar to WotLK, in Cata; you'll need a Potion, Flask/elixirs and food for every fight.


Also found in: and




For those players interested in the stat increases (and other bonuses) that the various professions provide, here is a quick run-down.

[table="head"] Profession | Source of Bonus | Stat Bonus | Additional Bonus
Alchemy | or Mixology | +80 Agility | Extra Benefit from .
Blacksmithing | 2 Extra Prismatic Gem Sockets | +100 Stat Points (with Epic gems only). +80 Stat Points without Epic gems |
Enchanting | 2 Ring Enchants | +80 Agility. |
Herbalism | Lifeblood | 480 Haste Rating for 20 sec. Usable every 2 minutes. Stat equivalent to +80 Haste. Also heals the caster. |
Inscription | Swiftsteel Inscription. | +80 Agility |
Jewelcrafting | 3 Jewelcrafting gems | +81 Stat Points |
Leatherworking | Draconic Embossment - Agility. | +80 Agility. | Cheap Leg Enchants: Dragonbone Leg Reinforcements
Mining | Toughness. | +120 Stamina |
Skinning | Master of Anatomy. | +80 Crit Rating.
Tailoring | Swordguard Embroidery. | A proc granting +1000 attack power for 15 seconds. |
Engineering | Glove Tinkers:| -- | . Provides a customizable iLvl 359 piece of gear. Customizable with Cogwheel sockets (, , ).
-- | Synapse Springs | 480 Agility for 10 seconds every 1 minute, or 80 Agility equivalent | Belt Tinkers: Cardboard Assassin, Grounded Plasma Shield, Invisibility Field - Spell - World of Warcraft, Mind Amplification Dish, Nitro Boosts, Personal Electromagnetic Pulse Generator, Frag Belt.
-- | Tazik Shocker | deals 4320 to 5280 Nature damage every 2 minutes, scales with mastery | Bombs/Consumables: (On GCD), , (Goblin Only). Note: All three bomb types can be used.
-- | -- | -- | Cloak Tinker: Flexweave Underlay.

http://elitistjerks....updated_thread/ -- EnhSim is the preferred tool when it comes to detailed simulations. Any new testing is usually accompanied by a config file for EnhSim in addition to in-game parses/logs.
EnhSim Download
Rawr Download
SimCraft Download

=Useful Addons=
ShockAndAwe - Download
This incredibly useful mod helps Shamans track pretty much everything they need, and displays it in one handy little mess of moving bars. Will also track uptimes of important buffs, and export things to EnhSim.

Totem Timers - Download
Solid mod for tracking totems and imbues. Has "Enhance" functionality, but SAA will cover that stuff better.

Utopia - Download
Not shaman specific, but very useful for keeping track of buffs/debuffs in a raid setting. "Hey put CoE back up." etc

=To Do=
--Fix Links on T12

=Change Log=
--12/06/10 -- Initial Post
--12/16/10 -- Clarified some Mastery vs Agi statements.
--12/31/10 -- Added FT/FT section. Clarified a bunch of stuff.
--01/01/11 -- Added profession section
--01/02/11 -- Spelling is hard.
--01/12/11 -- Add FT glyph for FT/FT setup. Fixed link error for gems.
--01/26/11 -- Added weapon enchants and some formatting stuff.
--02/12/11 -- JC trinket drops correctly now.
--02/18/11 -- Added EP sections
--03/10/11 -- Updated professions, updated stat weights and t11 stuff
--03/17/11 -- No really, spelling is hard.
--05/03/11 -- Updated for 4.1. Clarified Caster Weapon Section. Added Seasoned Winds. Added AoE section. Spoilers: still sucks.
--05/06/11 -- (Jessamy edit) Added notes explaining why Frostbrand and Frozen Power are not used in PvE.
--05/09/11 -- Made FS mouseover macro prettier
--06/26/11 -- New Thread, updated for 4.2. Fixed some broken links and added a whole bunch of patch stuff.
--07/02/11 -- Added tier links
--07/03/11 -- Changed the stat priorities around. Man, haste is SO GOOD. Also changed the sample priority list.
--07/03/11 -- Typos, jeez, why are there still typos in here
--08/14/11 -- Added EoP to the caster weapon section. Added LvB clarification to the Unleash Flame Section. Added new section for the priority from the BiS thread
--11/28/11 -- New Thread, updated for 4.3.
--11/29/11 -- Edited Profs
--01/16/12 -- Edited comments on t13
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#2 Ruga


    Von Kaiser

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Posted 29 November 2011 - 11:22 AM

I think it's safe to say, that in it's current form, blacksmithing becomes the dominant raiding profession due to the epic gems. You could add that to blacksmithing entry in the profession list.
It'll work out as +100 stats instead of the current +80.

#3 Vespasian


    Piston Honda

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Posted 29 November 2011 - 01:11 PM

Has anyone else noticed how utterly garbage the Enh itemisation is this tier? 2 items cannot be upgrade from FL as there are no better options (neck and back), 1 of them is pegged at 397 due to the absence of a firestone system (relic) and there are no competitive off-set pieces to optimise our set up. This is made all the worse by the fact that there is significantly less mastery on this BiS set than an Enh would hope for.

Really unsure why Blizz would leave such glaring omissions. If I were to hazard a guess, I would say they planned to plug these holes with a firestone system, but then pulled back on that at the last minute when they decided to downgrade the importance of VP, leaving this very disappointing itemisation in its wake.

#4 Ryethe


    Piston Honda

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Posted 30 November 2011 - 03:52 AM

Has anyone else noticed how utterly garbage the Enh itemisation is this tier? 2 items cannot be upgrade from FL as there are no better options (neck and back), 1 of them is pegged at 397 due to the absence of a firestone system (relic) and there are no competitive off-set pieces to optimise our set up. This is made all the worse by the fact that there is significantly less mastery on this BiS set than an Enh would hope for.

Really unsure why Blizz would leave such glaring omissions. If I were to hazard a guess, I would say they planned to plug these holes with a firestone system, but then pulled back on that at the last minute when they decided to downgrade the importance of VP, leaving this very disappointing itemisation in its wake.

For necks and backs at least everyone else is in the same boat. Ditto relic users. As far as balance goes, itemization only really matters if you are poorly itemized and everyone else is well itemized. However, it should be noted that we have a weapon built for our spec, a pure AGI trinket, and a DD trinket that scales with AP and I'd say things aren't bad. When I simmed out the two trinkets and the LFR versions of the weapons I came out to 3000+ DPS gain despite the drop in ilvl. It would seem there are plenty of goodies for us in Dragon Soul.

Also consider that there are many more sockets (and red ones at that) available this tier which helps balance things out since agi is about twice as good as mastery.

#5 Vespasian


    Piston Honda

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Posted 01 December 2011 - 01:32 PM

Got my hands on the Deathwing axe (No'Kaled) tonight. Tested it afterwards in a LFR run. I dont have logs for it, but can report that on Warlod Zon'ozz (which is pretty tank and spank in LFR) it accounted for 3.8% of my dmg. The frost and fire strikes did 3 times the dmg of the shadow strikes. Interestingly, there were 6 frost, 6 fire and only 3 shadow- I wonder if the chance to proc the shadow dmg is reduced? Probably not (may just be a sample size issue) but thought it interesting nonetheless. Will provide logs when I have some soon.

Edit: FYI the dmg on the tooltip reads 16k for me (unbuffed).

#6 Neurotyk


    Glass Joe

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Posted 01 December 2011 - 04:59 PM

Alt Enh shaman(Gingey) in my guild has logs up with 1 Deathwing axe

World of Logs - Real Time Raid Analysis

data is in the actual kills of the LFR

#7 Vespasian


    Piston Honda

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Posted 01 December 2011 - 10:33 PM

Alt Enh shaman(Gingey) in my guild has logs up with 1 Deathwing axe

World of Logs - Real Time Raid Analysis

data is in the actual kills of the LFR

Interesting logs. It seems as though shadowblast has an equal chance to proc vs fire/frost, which is to be expected.

#8 Scraperbike


    Glass Joe

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Posted 01 December 2011 - 10:59 PM

I was lucky enough to get 2 axe drops on our first kill. Here are the logs for people that are interested.

World of Logs - Real Time Raid Analysis

On the low end it's about 4% of my dmg and on the high end (Shannox log specifically) it ended up being 7.9% of my total dmg which seems pretty crazy. Doesn't seem to crit too often but I definitely saw 30k crits once in a while throughout the night. I take it the procs are based on spell crit, would this bump up the EP of crit a little bit more? Or would haste EP go up for more melee attacks to proc the effects?

I was also able to obtain 2 pc t13 from LFR but those logs are 4pc t12 in case there is any confusion.

#9 Vespasian


    Piston Honda

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Posted 02 December 2011 - 12:01 AM

I was lucky enough to get 2 axe drops on our first kill. Here are the logs for people that are interested.

World of Logs - Real Time Raid Analysis

On the low end it's about 4% of my dmg and on the high end (Shannox log specifically) it ended up being 7.9% of my total dmg which seems pretty crazy. Doesn't seem to crit too often but I definitely saw 30k crits once in a while throughout the night. I take it the procs are based on spell crit, would this bump up the EP of crit a little bit more? Or would haste EP go up for more melee attacks to proc the effects?

I was also able to obtain 2 pc t13 from LFR but those logs are 4pc t12 in case there is any confusion.

Those are some pretty impressive rankings off the back of those axes.

Given that crit is already our second best secondary stat (after mastery) it's unlikely that the axes will have any tangible impact on our itemisation decisions. Haste still remains terrible for us, and will really only get worse when we start to hit GCD cap for MW stacks as a result of 4pc T13.

#10 Nightstarzz


    Glass Joe

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Posted 02 December 2011 - 12:13 AM

Hey, I just got lucky on DW as well and got the 2x axes.
If you browse my gear, you will notice that I got most other loot today (from the gear that I have). - I was using Omnotron HC ring, and 384 ilvl Neck/Trinket from Ragnaros. (those are the only differences)

I had roughly 385 ilvl (equipped) with the 2 axes, and you can browse my logs :
World of Logs - Real Time Raid Analysis

The axes are absolute BEASTS for us.

I asked my guild to fly on Alysrazor so we could get a closer peak at the scaling of the buff. I'm not very good with maths, so I can leave the theorycrafting up to those that can apply it better.

Hope this helps you.

#11 Brazos


    Von Kaiser

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Posted 20 December 2011 - 01:27 PM

So, I've had this issue bugging me with our priority list. Lets say we are sitting at MW2 with everything on CD for at least 3 seconds. Now I think the priority list tells us to cast LB. I postulate that we should wait until we have a bit less than 1.5 seconds on CD for the next ability in an attempt to 'fish' for more MW procs and get a few extra melee swings in. Just testing this on a target dummy with self buffs and my gear, a MW2LB will cast in 1.44 seconds. So it would seem that even if I don't get any more MW procs, I'm not wasting any thing in terms of delaying a higher priority attack.

Now the real question is, what does more damage, casting a LB in 1.44s or letting auto attack continue for this time? Assuming BiS setup, we have weapons and a trinket that have a chance proc on hit not to mention the normal mechanics of enhancement such as flametounge, lightning shield, flurry, and windfury. I have neither the weapons, nor the trinket to test this at the moment, but I thought it was worth discussing here. My rough estimates show that it is probably a close call and depends somewhat on the swing timer and if your weapons are in sync or not and what your current melee haste value is and whether or not you 'catch' any more MW procs.

EDIT: It is not the priority list mentioned in the OP, but it is the standard one that enhsim uses and I think most shammies use which puts MW2LB at the bottom.

#12 IloveJB


    Glass Joe

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Posted 26 December 2011 - 02:41 AM

In our 10 man we did Thursday the Axe was around 3% of my overall damage...
World of Logs - Real Time Raid Analysis

Anyways I was wondering what the ICD is on this weapon, if any

Edit: I only have 1 of them

#13 dekkon


    Glass Joe

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Posted 29 December 2011 - 05:34 AM

My friend(prof blacksmith)told me epic gems cant be used in extra sockets,so the prof bonus of blacksmith shall be 80 stats as before,isnt it?And jewelcrafting gems are not that powerful now as the normal epic gems get a 10 stats up,so the bonus of jewel prof shall be 17*3=51.As jewel epic gems got a same 10 stats bonus,jewel prof bonus remains 81 stats.

#14 Deadri


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Posted 02 January 2012 - 09:03 AM

When did JC gems got buffed? If i get it right if you put epic gems in the place of JC ones you will lose 51 stat points. So JC is worth 51 instead of 81.

#15 Ruga


    Von Kaiser

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Posted 02 January 2012 - 01:39 PM

My friend(prof blacksmith)told me epic gems cant be used in extra sockets,so the prof bonus of blacksmith shall be 80 stats as before,isnt it?And jewelcrafting gems are not that powerful now as the normal epic gems get a 10 stats up,so the bonus of jewel prof shall be 17*3=51.As jewel epic gems got a same 10 stats bonus,jewel prof bonus remains 81 stats.

The part about not being able to put epic gems into Bsmith sockets is incorrect - check out my armory. Works fine.

When did JC gems got buffed? If i get it right if you put epic gems in the place of JC ones you will lose 51 stat points. So JC is worth 51 instead of 81.

Jewelcrafter Only gems weren't changed. Just tested it on EU Live servers:

With a Chimera's Eye (check the stats breakdown in the tooltip):

With a regular Delicate Inferno Ruby:

So unless they do things different on Chinese WoW, JC Only gems weren't changed.

#16 dekkon


    Glass Joe

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Posted 03 January 2012 - 08:34 AM

Well,sadly I got some incorrect info.Actually it is 67 each.Last time when I test this I just unequiped my boots,I just forgot the Mail Specialization in my caculation.
Sorry for my last post.

Posted Image
Blacksmith sockets.Epic gems available.

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Todays test.
So sorry.

#17 Ryethe


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Posted 11 April 2012 - 02:50 PM

In lieu of levva quitting, I put together a clcinfo module for enhancement. You will need to download CLCinfo before installing the module. The rar file is already split into the necessary folders so just dump this in your addons folder after installing CLC info.

It currently does not have the MW < MW5 priorities as I haven't found it useful to have them as a permanent fixture of my priority (better to track them separately) but it's something I plan on adding to it eventually (perhaps this weekend).

It currently has support for current ability, next ability and also current AoE ability (this one might be buggy as I haven't had a chance to test it much yet). One known issue with the AoE priority is that it will sometimes try to slot 3 abilities between each FN.

As a bonus there is a ele module I made in the rar as well :)

If there is enough response I might create a proper mod for it (for easy updating) and host it somewhere. Comments, suggestions and bugs are welcome via PM.

EDIT: I updated the post with a version that has all the mw priorities available and also better support for fire nova in the aoe rotation.

#18 Hedin


    Ask me about my add-on.

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Posted 24 April 2012 - 06:22 PM

Or you may use my Hedd addon (redone wf3sec). :)
Hedd - My maxDPS in one icon addon.

#19 DarkOne92


    Glass Joe

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Posted 14 August 2012 - 09:50 PM

Hi! I have a quick question concerning the UE-Fire buff. The guide states that it only effects LvB, FS and FN, but it doesn't effect FL? Now, I am fairly new to enhc, but when I've tested this myself it seems that FL is also buffed by UE. I could be wrong about this (I probably am), but I wanted to make sure that this is the case. Thanks in advance!

#20 Pyrdon


    Von Kaiser

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Posted 15 August 2012 - 09:05 AM

I must admit, I am a little bit irritated by FL...what do you mean by that?
I just re-read the tooltip and it says "every fire spell" - and I can only remember three: Flame Shock, Fire Nova and Lava Burst

If you mean Lava Lash: As far as i know, it should not be buffed, since it is not a spell but a melee attack.

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