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Posted 20 December 2011 - 09:56 AM

Post: Rogue Simple Questions Thread: Cataclysm Edition
User: poptya
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Hello all, I found myself in a slight problem. I know as a combat rogue you will want a fast OH weapon, and a slow MH weapon. Now if i have say 2 weapons that hit 2.60 speed would use a combination like that or would a combination with a 2.60 weapon in MH with a 1.80 dagger OH work better for my dps? basically should i be using daggers in my OH? Didn't see anything in the 4.3 guide so im asking here. Thank you.

"A note about weapons, there are no fast 1-handed Agility weapons in Cata and you will almost always want a 1.4 speed dagger in your OH. With exception of the dagger sets mentioned above you will want to use a slow MH, slower will generally be better if the stats are the same."

Taken directly from the Combat Guide...

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