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[Alliance][Ravencrest] <Deprivation> 2/8 Heroic DS // Recruiting

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Posted 27 December 2011 - 12:15 PM

<Deprivation> is a 10-man raiding team on Ravencrest-EU, with a strong focus on being a tight unit. Strong friendships can be found within our ranks, as all our members are easy to talk to and have a great sense of humour. We are opening for recruitment for a few decent players for Dragon Soul (Heroic) progression.

On a daily basis, the guild aims to be a place where people can relax, and feel at home. We are also furiously dedicated to this game, being serious when we need to be, while quoting Borat on VT at other times. ;-)

During our time in Cataclysm, we will first and foremost aim to clear content. To do this, we expect a certain amount of dedication from our members. We are looking for skillful players and dependable (PUNCTUALITY BABY!) players, with a friendly and sociable personality. If you cannot handle being verbally abused in a playful manner on VT from time to time (especially if you are Swedish), then this guild is not for you. You are required to speak English fairly fluently, and Ventrilo is a requirement. A microphone is NOT required, although it is a huge plus if you have one and are able to use it. We are all about having fun while being able to focus when needed, so don't be scared to have a joke with us. ^^

You should be able to grasp new encounters well, and read up on whatever is needed. We don’t assume that everyone knows every single spell or mechanic for every single encounter, but to have general knowledge about what we are about to embark on helps speed things up, although we will always go through tactics before we start. You will be expected to do what you are told to do. We are a small community, and so people will be included, and suggestions are always welcome, but in the end, Officers have the final word. We understand that everyone is human, and mistakes are to be expected from time to time, regardless of who you are. You need to be able to learn from those mistakes, and listen to constructive criticism. PvE should be your number one priority, and while some of us enjoy PvPing on a regular basis, your gear and spec should mirror your choice to prioritize PvE, and should be focused on maximizing raid performance. During progress raids, you will also be expected to bring all that is needed when it comes to consumables. Be it flasks, buff foods and potions, all of these are expected to be in your inventory when you come to a raid. Experience is always a good thing, but if you feel you are up to the task even though you lack experience, then feel free to apply. We will consider each applicant on their own merit.

In return, you can expect a few things from us as well. We offer a stable raiding environment, with dedicated people who have a desire to get better all the time. As we expect high attendance from our members, we will not be over-recruiting, so you can count on being taken for most raids. We will however, compose the group with regards to specific encounters, so if it is vital that we bring someone else on a particular raid instead of you from time to time, you will need to accept that. If someone is underperforming, we will take it up with that person in private. Nerdraging on VT, and singling players out, is an abomination. We use VT a lot, and you will usually find members online at all times during the day, if you ever feel lonely. Outside of raids, we’re fond of just fiddling around, really. We do a lot of different stuff, be it play on alts, do PvP, clear old raid content for fun or achievements, or just hanging around in Stormwind chatting. This is a game after all, and in the end, we’re all here to have fun, heh.

Raid Times

  • Monday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday

We raid from 20:00 - 00:00 CET (Realm Time). If required, this may be extended in some cases. Keep in mind, we are not keeping people away from their sleep or anything. If a raid goes to 00:00, and we want to continue, we will discuss the possibility of extending it. If some player(s) have to leave, this will be totally acceptable, as we DO have set raid times. However, if people are eager to continue and agree on that, then we will do so. Really, it's a democracy, if the majority of people want to start raiding @ 14:00 in the afternoon, then we will do so, heh.

We are currently looking specifically for any ranged DPS, as well as a Holy Paladin. However, any application will be looked at, regardless of class/spec.

Please visit our website at: deprivation.enjin.com

// Deprivation

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