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[Alliance][Spirestone]<Misconception> Recruiting for DS 10 (1/8 Heroic)

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[B]Guild Information[/B]
Country: US
Server: Spirestone
Website: [url=]Misconception Site[/url]
Raid Type: 10 man
Raid Days: Tuesday, Wednesday
Raid Time: 6pm to 9pm server time

[B]Current Progression[/B]
Tier 12: 6/7 Heroic
Tier 13: 1/8 Heroic

[B]Recruitment Needs[/B]
Group 1: Looking for 1 experienced melee (no Rogues) or Hunter / Shadow Priest / Mage for our progression team. A minimum item level of 385 is desired along with minimum 6/8 Dragon Soul normal experience.

Group 2: Looking for 2 magic damage classes (any), a Hunter, 2 healers (no Priests). A minimum item level of 375 is desired along with some prior raiding experience in World of Warcraft.

[B]Contact Details[/B]
You can reply via a private forum message, post a thread on the guild forum, or contact Stone or Fathos in game on Spirestone (Alliance). Please provide your character name and contact information.

Thank you for your interest in Misconception.

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