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Posted 09 January 2012 - 07:52 PM

Post: Cataclysm Fire Mage Compendium
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Original Post:

Sigh...i really hope that nerf doesnt go through....why would they force us to go back to Arcane?...

From a class specific pov, theyve said since cata fire is meant to be our "aoe" spec. So i guess it's a logical nerf when looking at it like that.
From a global pov it makes less sense. Fire mages might statistically be the number one atm, but:

1) Rogues dont have the legendary incorporated in their bis gear.
2) The fights in which fire mages excell in their "true" role boils down to one and a half (hagara 25 and yorsahj).
3) People often forget that fire is so terribly rng dependant. We easily go from hero to zero if rng isnt in our favor. Our 2Pt13 gave us even more rng to rage about as fire. When ppl check wol, they see mages on top of fights like ultrax n dont know better. It's like a friend linking me some absurd magelog from ultraxion & going "how the fuck is that even possible", only to find that the mage in question had 68% of his fireballs crit

Anyhow i really wouldnt mind arcane as much if it wasnt for the fact that 85% of our dps comes from spamming a single button & mobility is non existant in that spec. Plus the fact that a trinket from 2 raiding tiers before is still breaks it so badly. Which actually brings up another question, whether post nerf fire is better than non-sow arcane.
If it wasnt for SoW, fire would still be the number one spec for a mage & post this nerf it'd be more in line with other specs (it's still true that fire was ahead a little to much statisticly compared to other classes except, most likely, legendary rogues).

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