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Posted 17 January 2012 - 07:01 PM

Post: [Elemental] Cataclysm Discussion - Patch 4.3
User: Ayö
Infraction: 9. Do not sign your posts.
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Your question is fine, but your formatting doesn't follow our standards. You don't need to start with a greeting and finish by signing your post, like you do in a letter. We can see who you are in your profile to the left, the formalities are unnecessary clutter.

Original Post:

Hi friends, this is my first post on Elitist Jerks, so please be kind :)
I just reached 4pc elem, and wonder how it will change my rotation.
Indeed, when we are under "time rupture" buff, is the priority of ES 6-7-8 stacks decreasing ? Because ES cannot refresh this sweet 750 haste buff (No Elemental OVerload from ES), and is keeping it up for few seconds more better than loosing a Fulmination Charge ?

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