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Posted 21 January 2012 - 03:54 AM

If you're new to our forums please make sure you take the time to read the forum rules. After you do that, be sure to read the first post of the spec thread most relevant to what you're looking for. Prior to posting also read the last 5 pages to be sure the topic you had in mind hasn't recently been covered. The spec specific threads are for endgame raiding discussion ONLY. If your question is in regard to break points, stat priority, opening rotations, or something else that does not specifically pertain to endgame raiding (heroic content), please make use of the Simple Questions thread. You absolutely must have a valid forum profile to post here. Failure to comply will result in a one time warning and then a permanent ban.

This structure is critical to keeping the forums accessible for all users-- the people who never post and also those who actively theorycraft at the highest level, as well as everyone else in between.

Thanks for your cooperation, and welcome to our forums.
i miss raiding with carebare :< she makes me feel like i am not the only person that hates everyone
Aldriana: I am an asshole, it just so happens that some of my colleagues are even *bigger* assholes.
[R] [85:Neux:2]: i hear if you die on Good Friday they are going to make it where you can't get rezzed until easter sunday
Khazal: Yeah, I don't know about Magic Rainbow Unicorn Land, but here in Reality, Rhyolith is the worst encounter Blizzard has ever designed.

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