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Posted 23 January 2012 - 10:17 PM

Post: Unholy DPS | My Friend of Misery [4.3.0]
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thank you rayzorium, for finally getting the community to discuss disease rolling. i tried it myself in the past (post #28), but no one cared.

i'd like to add that applying diseases under Frost Presence will increase their ticking damage by 10%. in addition, applying them with Cinderglacier (alternate weapon enchant) proc up will increase their damage by 20% more. while i doubt switching presence or weapon mid-fight will result in a dps increase under normal circumstances, im toying with the idea of doing both just before Yor'sahj HC AoE periods, and spreading +30% diseases and DnD to the adds. atm im having trouble controlling the randomness of Cinderglacier procs, and not wasting them on SS/DC when they do proc. but who knows, maybe there's a way...

about tracking current AP with an addon - i would also be very interested to know if there's a current addon that helps with that. and i would imagine we'd want to track Crit and Mastery as well. im using TMW too, but it's not very intuitive for this purpose.

about using Unholy Frenzy on other classes - Feral druids (cats) are excellent candidates, as they scale infinitely with haste, with no realistic cap (and among all cats, ones that stack haste and not mastery will gain the most). using UF on cats during their Berserk (and possibly during a nuke phase or heroism) will undoubtedly be more beneficial to the raid than using UF on any other target, and the fact that both abilities (UF and Berserk) share a 3 minute CD makes it relatively easy to coordinate.

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