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Monk Simple Questions Thread: Mists Edition

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#81 Eyedore


    Von Kaiser

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Posted 24 October 2013 - 02:04 PM

I'm not really a theorycrafter, so I'm not 100% certain I am correct, but here is my advice:

  • Agility is worth more than twice as much as crit or haste. So, use full agi gems in red sockets, agi-crit / agi-haste in yellow sockets, and agi-hit in blue.
  • Your reforging is sub-optimal. You have 8.09% expertise, but you still have gear with expertise that you haven't reforged out of. Use an addon or mr. Robot to help easily reforge close to the 7.5% caps for hit and expertise.
  • On single target fights do you use Chi Brew and Xuen? Cause if you also use Ascension on single target you're haste is a bit high, I would lower it to 6000 tops if you use Ascension, though I think it's better to use Chi Brew since the recent fix.

Personally I only use Simcraft to check if a certain weapon setup is better or not, for everything else I feel I cannot trust Simcraft much.


That's all I have for you, maybe someone else can give you more/better advice, though I have to say this topic isn't used much.


Good luck!

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#82 Dravvde


    Glass Joe

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Posted 25 October 2013 - 10:51 AM

Hey thanks for coming back to me.


I currently use ask mr robot so the reforge I have got is what its advising me of.

Also i use Xuen and ascension together, I have tried chi brew but felt I was not gaining from it(possible was using it incorrectly)

I also use simcraft on possible set ups, so i found it strange that swapping hybrid gems in red sockets for pure agility is worse off. Even when dropping haste it shows lower dps

I also ran sims on my stat weights and changed this in ask mr robot to sim the possible diff and still resulted in loss of dps. Not sure if the AOC trinket is correctly working in simc but this also shows a drop in dps when i change it for the 522 vp one and take away the "haste" gain from using FoF more.


Should I just take a leap that SimC is wrong for dps on the above choices and try ingame?


Here is also a link to a recent kill.




Since movement was low dps was fine, more movement and I can watch alot of my dps fall

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#83 Dravvde


    Glass Joe

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Posted 25 October 2013 - 10:53 AM

Also possible side note, have ran sims on my current setup with dw hc weapons vs 2h hc immersus but the 2h shows to be the dps winner. Something feels wrong to me and I dont know if its because ive put too much trust in sims and mr robot

#84 Nevernite


    Glass Joe

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Posted 25 October 2013 - 11:59 AM

Maybe you lose dmg due to beeing (autohit-)critcapped while using one-handers? While having more than 50% crit benefits your abilites it does not benefit your autoattacks any more (DualWield).


You have  53.70% crit base. +5% crit buff +5% allstats buff. +flask +food +(sometimes double)procs from dancing steel + procs from haromm's trinket. IIRC haromm's alone is taking you to 80%crit already.



It is just my speculation, but I think that is why dual wield with greater gear does less dmg compared to two-handed play. I had this thought on my mind for a few weeks.. Someone posted a BiS list, with two http://www.wowhead.com/item=104508 's. I was asking myself whether a twohand would outperform the whitehit-critcapped onehanders.

Builds with more haste do more autohit dmg in general, right? I myself run a somewhat low haste build and crit benefits both skills and autoattacks, but loses value above the critcap.

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#85 Dravvde


    Glass Joe

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Posted 25 October 2013 - 03:34 PM

Ok going to post some sims of some diff and reason why it feels weird going against the sims.


Standard sim Xuen with Ascension - 329k dps

Xuen w/ Asc @ 8000k haste - 325k

Xuen w/ Asc red sockets pure agi gems -325k

Xuen w/ chi brew red sockets pure agi gems - 319k

Xuen w chi brew - 318k

Xuen w/ chi brew @ 8000k haste - 317k

Xuen w/ Asc 2h hc immersus vs dw Seismic bore - 329k vs 336k

Xuen w/ Asc w/ AOC - 327k

Xuen W Asc w/ AOC @ 8000k haste - 325k

Xuen w/ Chi Brew w/ AOC - 318k

Xuen w chi brew DW bores - 330k

Xuen w chi brew dw bores w aoc - 327k


So how to move forward or assume my spec is fine as it is and its my failings at playing

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#86 Eyedore


    Von Kaiser

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Posted 27 October 2013 - 10:56 AM

As I said I don't trust simcraft to tell me what rotation / build I should use. So my humble advice would be to stop using it that much ;)

Without simcraft you are left with the people in the community that try to figure out stat weights and rotations. Even though they can easily have it wrong, and even though sometimes it's hard to tell who actually did the math and who just shouts stuff because of 1 boss fight or 2 training dummy tries, it does leave you with a pretty nice idea of what you should do to max out dps.


This means that agility is king. I'm convinced that you should gem pure agility in red and hybrids in yellow and blue.

And you should try to play with Chi Brew. I only recently swapped to Chi Brew and only did one raid with it, and it does take some getting used to, but once you do it is better than Ascension.

As always you should try to get as much haste as you feel comfortable with, with Chi Brew that will probably be around 10-12k haste. After that go for crit.


About the crit cap for 1h weapons: When you are above the crit cap indeed your auto-attacks will not gain from more crit, but your abilities do, and your AA is only about 18% of your total damage. So if your stat weight for crit is 3.39 (and mastery is 2.34), than crit above the crit cap will be worth 3.39 * 0.82 = 2.78. Which is still more than mastery. And remember you are still using all the haste you can, so more haste would not be worth much to you. (btw, I got these weights from Rotund's WW spreadsheet

Now using a 2h weapon indeed crit's value would not lower, but it also gives you 1 dancing steel proc less, and I believe there are some other benefits to 1h weapons I'm forgetting atm. Until someone proofs otherwise I'm going for 2 1h weapons and as much crit as possible. Allthough it's always a good idea to keep on eye on the community and see if things change.


As for Mr. Robot and reforging: It does that with me sometimes too, being alot under or above the hit/exp cap, most of the time I end up changing my haste cap just a little bit and that makes Mr. Robot decide to do the reforges just a tad different ending in a much better hit/exp cap. And I'm not really gonna notice a couple hundred haste more or less anyways.

As for what stat weight you should fill in on Mr. Robot: It doesn't matter that much, as long as crit and haste are above mastery, and you use a haste cap. For instance, atm I have them setup this way:

haste to cap: 2.4

crit: 2.39

haste after cap: 2

mastery: 1.8

exp/hit and agility somewhere high around 7 or 8


This way it reforges out of all mastery, it is close to the haste cap I prefer, and all the rest goes into crit.

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#87 Jomanji


    Glass Joe

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Posted 20 March 2014 - 07:48 PM

Not sure if this post actually applies here however, I have not been able to find a topic relating to current date and time. Mistweavers seem to be low on the healing charts in comparison to pally and shamans. But recently I have noticed that those classes tend to over
heal a great deal. per what I see on my recount. Can this mitigate other healers actual healing done? and thus translate theirs into over heals
as well?. Another thing I noticed while on garrosh flex was when the
highest overhealer and hps ( note over heals exceeded hps ),left the raid my once low heals climbed to a point comparable to my Ilvl. In theory crafting is there a way to convert over heals to show true actual heals for both types of players?

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#88 cmking09


    Glass Joe

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Posted 28 March 2014 - 08:46 PM

Hello, after taking a long break from the game I am currently coming back and exploring into flex/normal SoO raids. I have read many forums and tried to get an idea on how to gem/reforge but there is always so many different opinions when it comes to how much haste to have. This is what I am currently going with on my monk right now, and I was curious about anyones opinions on what to maybe change and critique. Thank you



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