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The Blue Post Thread: Mists Edition

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#1 Aldriana


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Posted 24 March 2012 - 02:04 AM

In the interest of keeping the forums organized, any blue post regarding monks that is being copied to these forums should be posted only in this thread. Before copying such a post into this thread, please make sure it hasn't already been posted. Please do not copy/paste blue threads anywhere else unless you are also providing significant additional analysis relevant to the thread's content.

Feel free to also use this thread for basic discussion of changes, but please try to be constructive about it. Whining about nerfs, asking for specific gear advice in light of the changes, and any other behavior that would get you an infraction anywhere else of the forums will still get you an infraction here.

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Posted 02 May 2012 - 11:04 AM

Posted 5/1/2012 in the Mistweaver Feedback Thread by Kaivax:

*We're still planning on adding a Mistweaver "chi dump," hopefully within the next two builds. It will probably cost 3 Chi, and interact with Soothing Mists somehow.

*We're going to be diminishing the interaction between Uplift and Renewing Mists. The gameplay at the high-end becomes nothing but keeping all of your Renewing Mists refreshed on as many targets as possible, in spite of everything else. We found ourselves using Surging Mist just to gain Chi for Uplift, to keep Renewing Mists rolling on a 10-man raid, which was overpowered, but definitely wasn't fun if we missed that refresh. Our current plan is to cause Uplift to only extend the duration of your Renewing Mists by a 6 seconds or so, rather than refreshing it completely.

*We're probably going to be moving Chi Wave out of the Mistweaver spec, and put it as a talent choice with Zen Sphere and Chi Burst, then balance those as interesting choices for all Monks.

*We're going to be adding spirit to expertise conversion to the stance as well.

*We may re-design how the statue works, removing the on-click effect as it steps on Lightwell's toes a bit.

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