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Warning for Szeretlek: 2. All opinions should be stated as succinctly as possible.

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Posted 20 May 2012 - 04:32 PM

Post: MoP beta discussion
User: Szeretlek
Infraction: 2. All opinions should be stated as succinctly as possible.
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With I have 8.77 crit WITH the stat buff. Level 87 with lvl 85 gear is probably going to be a pretty good analogy for what you will have at level 90 with hc dungeon blue gear.

Just rating scaling. As always in every expansion. In full 346 gear you had 5500 int and 400crit, that gave you ~18% crit chance. I think they will make rating conversion the same way, so without crit reforging you scale from 15% to 30% crit just with crit rating on gear.

Next time don't post rubbish before checking with live values. The spell weights have changed quite a lot.

I said that I talk about live numbers. Beta just have ~40% increase to compensate some problems. Spell weight doesnt change much. Just rating conversion numbers changes with levels. As always.

Your estimate is based on end of expansion raid gear at 85 with mild crit stacking, that is not really the best route for disc in the first place and is largely irrelevant for MoP until the end of the first raid tier at least.

Haste stacking. 1000 crit is a leftover after all spirit reforged to haste. Then there is a room for crit reforge. Maybe. Crit not so good.

On live PWS applies something like 3.5k aegis a pop. On 5 targets that is 21.5k. A crit applies 3x that much, so 20% crit raises that to just about 28k.

I think you talk about PoH, not PWS, but anyway your numbers are true for 390ilvl maybe, dunno.
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Live numbers, heroic gear. HASTE stacking.

Spirit shell stacks on TOP of aegis, so on 10 man you would build aegis until say 10s before the hit comes, then switch to spirit shell cast 1 PWS, 2 PoH and 2Gheal, then cancel spirit shell and go back to normal healing after the hit.

Ok, for 87lvl with 8% crit you maybe right. And my point of view is right for heroic MoP-dungeon gear and for, more importantly, prepatch age and MoP-raiding

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