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[H][Whisperwind]<Whisperwind Eleven> 6/8H 25m 3n/wk 9-12 PST

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Posted 31 May 2012 - 01:19 AM

Whisperwind Eleven

Whisperwind Eleven is a lvl 25 Horde guild on the Whisperwind server focused on progressing through content based on raids that go from 9pm to midnight PST. The guild was founded in February of 2006 as a place some parents could have some fun online after the kids were in bed and has been raiding ever since.


* Cleared Sunwell Plateau after the 3.0 nerfs.
* Glory of the Raider and Heroic: Glory of the Raider
* 10 and 25: Glory of the Ulduar Raider, Algalon
* 25-man Tribute to Insanity
* Heroic Halion - 25
* 11/12 Hard Modes in ICC-25
* Glory of the ICC Raider 25
* 9/12 Cataclysm HM
* 5/6 Firelands HM
* Glory of the Firelands Raider 25
* 6/8 DS Heroic

Raid Schedule

All raids are from 9pm PST to midnight PST: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday. We also offer organized guild BGs! We play every Tuesday 11 to 2 server, PVP gear and minimum 3k resilience required, culture same as PVE team.

Key Guild Differentiators

* Raids go from 9pm PST to midnight, 3 raids a week
* Punctual - 95% of raids end by 12:15am
* Serious ventrilo atmosphere. No screaming - ever.
* Disney rules (no profanity, no racist or dirty jokes)
* No l33t sp34k or abbreviated text allowed in chat (u fail ur nub)
* "Fast pulling" culture, we try to speed run content and keep things moving
* Our goal is to complete all raid achievements and hard modes.
* Stable 6 year old guild with a core raiding roster
* Primarily adults, majority of members 25-45 years old, many with kids. People under 21 rarely fit in.
* We don't race for server firsts, we see content on our time scheduleGuild Culture

Most of us are hardcore gamers who grew up on Pacman, Quake, Starcraft, Zelda and Mario. Some of us got married, settled down, and are looking for a guild in which we can continue a hardcore approach to gaming on a more limited time schedule. Most members are online about 15 hours a week, some playing much more.

Vent and Guild Chat have "Disney Channel" rules. No swearing, no cussing, no crass humor. Members should feel comfortable playing in their living room and having their 6 year old climb into their lap without worrying that something inappropriate will come spewing out of the speakers. Your son or daughter (if they play WoW) can join the guild casually and have no fear of inappropriate language or content.

The guild is an open book. Applicants are welcome to listen in on raids, ask any member for their opinion on the leadership, or simultaneously apply for other guilds. We understand that joining a guild is a big decision and support applicants who do their research to choose the right guild for them.

Current openings
deathknight high
druid (balance) high
druid (restoration) low
hunter medium
mage high
paladin (holy) high
paladin (retribution) low
priest (dd) high
shaman (elemental) high
shaman (restoration) high
warlock high

We are only accepting players of exceptional skill, commitment and culture fit. If you are all of these things then you will likely have a raid spot available. Whisperwind Eleven has a unique approach to recruitment, we recruit players not gear. If you are an amazing person but don't have the gear you can still apply. If you can prove you are amazing we will gear you up. Our goal is to recruit somebody who will be around for 2+ years so finding a diamond in the rough is worth gearing up a new person.

We are a guild of raiders. Before you apply, make sure the following describe you:

1. You think you'll have near 100% attendance.
2. You acquire loot because you want to raid, not the other way around.
3. Given the choice you'd rather show up for progression nights than farming nights because seeing new content is more exciting than farming epics.
4. You have a spreadsheet on your machine with all your current gear, your ideal gear, and gear you wish Blizzard would add. You divided the increase of all badge upgrades by their badge cost to calculate the maximum return on investment.

Final Notes
The guild is here for the long-term. Although 85% is the minimum requirement for raiding we require 100% from applicants.

We do not stop raiding just because an expansion is coming. We were one of the last guilds on the server still raiding Naxxramas one week before BC came out. We were one of the last guilds still raiding when Wrath of the Lich King was around the corner. When others ask us why we're still raiding with WotLK loot just around the corner our answer is simple: Becuase raiding is fun - and we want to see the bosses and beat them.

About Whisperwind

Release day server
PvE, US Central Time
High population
Rampage Battlegroup
2:1 Alliance:Horde ratio

To apply message/mail in game on Whisperwind to one of these officers " Deathpod (GM), Dona, Culi or Metaloxide

Whisperwind Eleven

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Posted 23 June 2012 - 05:18 AM

current openings updated

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