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Enhance me [5.3] - Now with 100% more CDs and 232% more haste-love!

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Posted 20 August 2012 - 03:07 PM

...and up to 75% less totem-redrop!

Welcome shamans and shawomans,

this is the first post of the new Mists Of Pandaria Enhancement Guide. Here you will find the actual guide, containing recommendations, stat priority, rotation and so on. If you only want to know what to do and what is new, this is all you need.
The second post will be filled with mostly (lengthy) explanations and maybe some math as well as references and links to other sites. You may stick around a bit, if you like to know why you should or might do things the way they are written here.
The third and last post will contain a changelog and patchnotes. This is interesting for you, if you like...well...changelogs.

Before we get started:
Credit where credit is due!
I want to thank:
  • Purge from Dread, Korgath and Totemspot - Guide
  • Platform from TM, Zul'jin
  • Saz aka SerenitySaz from Evil Deeds Inc, Aggramar and World of Saz
for their great work and effort. They are the main contributors for any information gathered here (and of course at their sites). Make sure to check them out, they do a lot of great stuff.

Another big thanks goes to Binkenstein, who gathered most of us together and gave us the opportunity to work together and create these guides at Totem Spot. His Elemantal guide is mirrored here at Elitist Jerks or can be found over at Totem Spot (Elemental Guide).

And a special thanks goes out to you out there, fellow readers, who will surely find some mistakes and improvements to our all work.

Also make sure that your question has not been answered anywhere before you post it. ElitistJerks search function is great, so use it! Theres no penalty to that.

[TABLE="head"]Abbreviation | Meaning
AC | Ascendance
AG | Ancestral Guidance
Agi | Agility
AE | Area Effect
AP | Attack Power
AsS | Astral Shift
AS | Ancestral Swiftness
1H | 1-Hander/Handed
BiS | Best in slot
CL | Chain Lightning
Cond | Conductivity
DoT | Damage over Time
DPS | Damage Per Second
DW | Dual-Wield
EB | Elemantal Blast
ED | Elemental Devastation
Echo | Echo of the Elements
EM | Elemental Mastery
ES | Earth Shock
FE | Fire Elemental
FN | Fire Nova
FrS | Frost Shock
FS_UEF | Flame Shock when Unleash Flame buff is active
FS | Flame Shock
FT | Flametongue
GCD | Global Cooldown
GW | Ghost Wolf
HTT | Healing Tide Totem
ICD | Internal Cooldown
Int | Intellect
LB | Lightning Bolt
LL | Lava Lash
LS | Lightning Shield
LvB | Lava Burst
MH | Main Hand
MQ | Mental Quickness
MSW | Maelstrom Weapon
MT | Magma Totem
MW5_CL | Maelstrom Weapon x 5 stacks - Chain Lightning
MW5_LB | Maelstrom Weapon x 5 stacks - Lightning Bolt
OH | Off Hand
PE | Primal Elementalist
SBT | Stone Bulwark Totem
SP | Spell Power
SR | Shamanistic Rage
SS | Stormstrike
Str | Strength
SW | Spirit Wolves
UE | Unleash Elements
UEF | Unleash Flame
UF | Unleashed Fury
UW | Unleash Wind
WF | Windfury
WWT | Windwalk Totem

=Starting as an Enhancer and whats new=

Short Basics

  • Gear for Agility and Mail-Armor.
  • Gear for the hit- and expertise-cap.
  • Use slow one-handed weapons with high damage, which would be an axe, a fistweapon or a mace, no swords as we can't use them, no daggers as they are fast and no two-handed weapons.
  • Put Windfury on your MH and Flametongue in your OH.
  • Always keep Lightning Shield up.


Once you reached level 10, you may choose one specialisation. Since you are reading this thread, I am assuming you took/want to take Enhancement.
As soon as you do this, you will be granted 3 abilites:
Besides that you will gain additional skills as you level up, that may not be accessible to either Elemental or Restoration or even both.
Those are:
[TABLE="head"]Level | Skill
20 | Flurry
26 | Stormstrike
30 | Windfury Weapon
34 | Searing Flames
40 | Static Shock
44 | Fire Nova
50 | Maelstrom Weapon
55 | Unleashed Rage
60 | Feral Spirit
60 | Spirit Walk
65 | Shamanistic Rage
80 | Mastery: Enhanced Elements


Also you will now have the ability to skill up to 6 talents from you talent tree. You will get access to one tier every 15 levels. You may only pick one talent per tier.
This is what realy has changed, because now every Spec can choose any talent and is no longer bound to an indivdual talent tree.
Furthermore these tiers are thematically ordered, like tier 5 is filled with healing CDs and tier 1 gives you a survival talent.
[TABLE="head"] Level | Talent 1 | Talent 2 | Talent 3
15 | Nature's Guardian | Stone Bulwark Totem | Astral Shift
30 | Frozen Power | Earthgrab Totem | Windwalk Totem
45 | Call of the Elements | Totemic Restoration | Totemic Projection
60 | Elemental Mastery | Ancestral Swiftness | Echo of the Elements
75 | Healing Tide Totem | Ancestral Guidance | Conductivity
90 | Unleashed Fury | Primal Elementalist | Elemental Blast

Caster Weapons

Even though this is not completely new, I will again say it:
After the latest changes regarding this topic, it is no longer in any way viable to use caster-weapons. You want to stick to your slow but smashing weapon.


There are several changes to what secondary stats we like and how Hit and Expertise work. Take a look at the Stat section!

New and altered Abilities

Generally we lost a lot of totems, mostly the static ones that granted passive buffs like Windfury. The only totem we will have up 100% of the time is our fire totem, which will mostly be the Searing Totem.
I'm not going over the new talents at this point. They will be discussed later on.

Level 18 – Cleanse Spirit

Cleanse Spirit has been changed to dispelling all curses from a friendly target, but having a 8 second CD. Sadly enough Purge hasn't had a similiar change...

Level 20 – Flurry

Flurry is not new, I know that, but it has changed. Additional to the old effect, it grants bonus haste based on our haste rating. Note that this does not affect %-haste like Ancestral Swiftness!

Level 30 – Healing Stream

Healing Stream on a side note has changed as well. Lasts only 15 seconds now with a 30 seconds CD and heals only the most injured party or raid member (smart heal).

Level 34 – Searing Flames

Searing Flames isn't a stacking debuff anymore. It has finally become a buff stacked on ourself, which now buffs the damage from Flametongue Weapon. Also SF will now stack every time our Fire Ele autoattacks.

Level 40 – Burning Wrath

Now any Shaman grants 10% spellpower for the party. Which....doesn't affect us in anyway, since we do not scale with SP-buffs.

Level 60 - Feral Spirit

Feral Spirit used to be a pet-like summon. But that has changed, since they are no longer controllable! Now they act like a totem and count as guardians. But they got Spirit Bite which gives a little bit extra damage versus armored target, since it is nature damage.

Level 60 – Spirit Walk

Spirit Walk is a fine sprint. This ability was linked to our Spirit Wolves before, but from now on we don't have to call them just to have a sprint!

Level 63 – Capacitor Totem

The Capacitor Totem will be mostly relevant for PvP. Its only use in PvE might be a situation like Ragnaros or Nefarian, when mass stuns can be planned and used on adds. Anyway it wont hurt (us).

Level 78 – Stormlash Totem

Stormlash Totem is a raidwide DPS CD! Now we have one more besides Hero/BL. Raidspot is secured for every shaman!
Well....right now it seems to be realy strong, and lining it up with CDs or other Stormlash Totems for burst phases might be great.
Note: They do not stack, if they are placed in the same time. Only one procc can occur!

Level 80 – Grace of Air

Grace of Air is another raidwide buff, this time a new one for mastery. We do like that.

Level 87 - Ascendance

Ascendance will be our new great cooldown. First of all it adds 30y range to our autoattacks as well as Stormstrike and makes them deal nature damage, which will be affected by mastery!
Replaces Stormstrike with Stormblast.

5.2 Changes

buffed: Elemental Mastery, Ancestral Swiftness, Elemental Blast, Primal Elementalist, Stone Bulwark Totem, Nature's Guardian, Conductivity
nerfed: Unleashed Fury
Chain Lightning no longer looses damage when it jumps to the next target.
Spirit Walk cooldown halfed.

=Talent Choices=
6 Tiers want to be assigned, each has 3 talents. But you may only choose one from each tier. Thats a rather interesting choice, because each tier has a theme and there is no optimal build. It will vary a lot on your playstyle and on what your going to do. I'm also sure you will be swapping talents for boss encounters more often than in the past.
So, what are those tiers? I already posted and linked them above, so here are the themes:
[TABLE="head"] Tier | Theme
1 | Survival for ourself
2 | Movement Imparing Effects
3 | Totem Flexibility
5 | Raid- or Grouphealing
6 | Final Talent – DPS/HPS

What to skill - the short version

Right now there are pretty much three ways to go:
UF/EB with mastery, still good with mostly T14 gear
PE/AS with haste reforges, might be slighty better (for me it gives around 300 more dps with iLvL500 gear)
PE/EM with haste reforges, slightly worse than PE/AS, but better suited for burst-fights.

As 5.2 goes on, PE/AS and PE/EM will start to gain a greater advantage over UF/EB because of trinkets and meta-gem favoring haste.

I will keep on updating this part as Sims go on and even the last changes are implemented. I will then also give links to those sims.

Tier 1

Nature's Guardian

Nature's Guardian
This one I recommend if you don't 'plan' on taking damage. If your playing an encounter which has mostly random and unpredictable damage incoming, this can save your life. Remember though that this effect only occurs after you took damage, so it will neither protect you from it nor make it easier for your healers. If you drop directly to 0% life NG won't do anything. It just helps surviving any hit that might come in right afterwards.

Stone Bulwark Totem

Stone Bulwark Totem
SBT shines, when there is a lot of constant damage coming in. The problem with SBT has: it collides with other earth totems, especially the Earth Elemental, which will be even more of a concern, as you might skill into Primal Elementalist.

Astral Shift

Astral Shift
My personal favorite. While we already have one damage reduction CD (Shamanistic Rage, 30%) another 40% reduction is quite nice. Especially since it does not trigger the GCD and has only 2min CD. Also imagine stacking this with Shamanistic Rage...

Tier 2

Frozen Power

Frozen Power
Rooting an enemy? With a shock? I can imagine more useful things as an Enhancer. Sacrificing our shock cooldown doesn't seem worth it in PvE.

Earthgrab Totem

Earthgrab Totem
Better use this if you need a rooting skill. It's AoE, it lasts as long and slows afterwards. Most PvE situations that require a root are when a lot of adds need to be rooted. Remeber Nefarian or Beth'Tilac? Also notice, its an earth totem! Might screw up your EE or SBT.

Windwalk Totem

Windwalk Totem
This is what I find most interesting in this tier. Even though there are not may boss fights that slow your raid, it is more often than those that require rooting enemies. Would have been useful at Hagara or maybe Spine, if it worked against the slow when standing in those wounds.

Tier 3

Call of the Elements

Call of the Elements has been nerfed trough the beta. Originally it had a 8min cooldown and reset every totem with a lower cooldown, which would be FE, EE, MTT, HTT, Stormlash and many more minor ones. Right now it just helps out with more roots or shields that you may have picked up above and some healing from Healing Stream Totem.

Totemic Restoration
Totemic Restoration
Has a very niche field of use. Imagine a fight with a lot of very short bursts, you have the possibilty to drop and cancel your FE and maybe Stormlash Totem to have them up for the next burst. Now also apllays to canceled and destroyed totems.

Totemic Projection

Totemic Projection
This spell could be useful on a lot of fights that involve a lot of moving. Even on nearly every pull! Just drop your Searing Totem and while running to your target project it there, so you don't have to set it up when you would rather hit something like SS or LL. Has also a minor use if you need to plant any other totem somewhere else, like Earthgrab or Windwalk.

Tier 4

Elemental Mastery

Elemental Mastery
Elementals Cooldown? Not exclusive any more! Everytime you need a load of burst damage, like Spine or Hagara, this is what you want. Combine it with Primal Elementalists FE and Feral Spirit and Ascendance and you will top charts for one or 2 minutes!
Use that if the encounter needs burst damage at lower gear levels, otherwise stick to EotE and UF.
At higher gear levels, this will sim higher combined with PE, especially as you attain more and more RPPM gear, like trinkets and/or legendary gem.

Ancestral Swiftness

Ancestral Swiftness
Well, that used to be in the resto tree, now added with a passive effect. Since it has a higher passive effect for an Enhancement Shaman, this talent pulls equal with EM an EotE.
This comes out very slightly ahead in Patckwerk scenarios.

Echo of the Elements

Echo of the Elements
The worst thing I can say about that: it is completely passive. But it is realy strong anyway. Combined with Unleashed Fury which also buffs those doubled Lbs even more!
One a sidenote, it is able to proc on LB, CL, LvB, Healing Surge, Chain Heal with a 30% chance and Elemental Blast with 6%. Those numbers are true for Enh, not for Ele or Resto!
Use that for fights with a lot of AE.

Tier 5

Healing Tide Totem

Healing Tide Totem
While this is a standard raid healing cooldown, it is weaker than Ancestral Guidance, as you can see in the second post. Reason is, that we don't increase any healing done and it only scales with half our AP in comparsion to AG, which scales with our whole damage.

Ancestral Guidance

Ancestral Guidance
This is a pretty big chunk of healing and has a lower CD than HTT. The next advantage is the 40y range it seems to have. If you can time that with AoE damage or cooldowns or special boss mechanics, its going to be a beast! Especially now that it seems to be comfirmed, that the damage is multiplied by 0.4 and then copied to up to three targets, it is as much healing as 120% of the damage you did within those 10 seconds.
A good way to increase healing with AG by a lot is to use the Healing Storm Glyph and put down a MW5_Healing_Rain before/while activating AG on as many people as possible. Seeing ticks around 50k isn't unusual, multiplying that by up to 5 people and then again by 1.8 (it is healing and thus 60% is copied) will top off your raid in notime!
Works even better with CDs like EM and so on.


While this can be realy strong for Elemental, it is quite weak as Enhancement. First of all you need to sacrifice up to 5 MSW stacks to cast Healing Rain and after that SS, Earth Shock and LB won't do that much damage in a 10 second time-window. Also notice that you might oom if you use if frequently and without MSW stacks.

Tier 6

Unleashed Fury

Unleashed Fury
Uf got nerfed with 5.2 and thus is not the top talent anymore. If you still use it - and that might be the case as you have worse gear - use UE as your top priority!

Primal Elementalist

Primal Elementalist
This makes your Elementals kick ass (Am I allowed to say that?). Both of them will get new abilities and a pet bar.
This talent is realy strong, especially combined with Elemental Mastery. You will gain a huge burst out of that. Use that for fights with high burst requirement. It also combines well with different additional CDs, like trinkets, tinkering, Lifeblood or racial bonuses to get a HUGE burst damage.
Currently sims out to be the best talent in the long run.

Your PFE will be able to channel the damage increasing buff Empower on you, even though you won't use that, as itself does way more damage. It also gains Immolate.
Your PEE will be able to channel the damage reducing buff Reinforce onto you, which can be usefull if you need that. It also gains Harden Skin and Pulverize.

Elemental Blast

Elemental Blast is a realy interesting design idea but sims out as the weakest talent in this tier right now. It is indeed affected by Maelstromstacks, but is another spell you want to use as soon as the cooldown finishes and following the SimCraft priority for now, you are even going to nearly hardcast this as top priority, which can make your complete priority clunkier than it already is.


The Glyphsystem has – again – changed. There are only few glyphs that have any impact on our DPS at all.
There seems to be not a single glyph that increases our damage in most occassions. We thought that would do that, but right now it seems we were wrong. In fact, this glyph might be a DPS loss regarding to SimCraft (in BiS gear as well as in normal T14 gear). The DPS difference is somewhere in the range of 200 DPS, so for most of you it will be a question of which priority/rotation you like more. But for those who want to have that extra damage: don't glyph FS!
Note that the priority list therefore has changed a bit.

Any other glyph choice is up to you preferences, but here are some recommendations:
for burst speccs. This glyph currently is a DPS upgrade for many encounters, especially those that favor many shorter bursts. Also this glyph lets you line up ALL your CDs perfectly: FE (3min), Asc (3min), EM (90sec, so every second EM), Engineering Gloves (1min, every third), Lifeblood (Herbalism, 2min, but might delay it), Racial Boni (Troll, Orc)
for a little bit of passive selfheal
for AoE
for AoE
for more sprints
for more selfheal
for selfcleanse
for raidsupport. (HR with 5 MW stacks is quite strong)

Of greater importance may also be for those cases when spreading FS will kill you (or your raid). This is a MINOR glyph!


Single Target

[table="head"] Priority | Abbreviation | Meaning
0 | ST_0 | Searing Totem with 0 ticks remaining
1 | EB_MW>1 | Elemental Blast if specced into it with >1 MW stacks
2 | UE_EF | Unleash Elements if spec into Unleashed Fury
3 | MW5_LB | Maelstrom Weapon x5 stacks + Lightning Bolt
4 | SS | Stormstrike//Stormblast
5 | LL | Lava Lash with 5 Searing Flame stacks
6 | LB_MW>4_ifT15_2pc | Maelstrom Weapon x 4 + LB if you have the T15-2piece equipt
7 | UE | Unleash Elements
8 | MW>3_LB_UF | Maelstrom Weapon >3 stacks + Lightning Bolt and UF debuff up
9a | FS_UEF | Flame Shock if the Unleash Flame buff is present and FS is about to drop (glyphed FS)
9b | FS_UEF | Flame Shock if the Unleash Flame buff is present, even though there might be seconds left (unglyphed FS)
10 | ES | Earth Shock
11 | SW | Spirit Wolves//Feral Spirit
12 | EE | Earth Elemental
13 | MW>1_LB | Maelstrom Weapon >1 stacks + Lightning Bolt
14 | ST | Searing Totem (with x ticks remaining, set in sim)

As you can see you'll want to use either UE or EB as top priority if you specced into it in the last tier of talents.
Regarding EB, remember that it will consume the Unleashed Fire Buff. That gives you the opportunity to use the Unleashed Fire Buff that doesn't go into your Flameshock. But always use the buff for FS, because its damage gain is greater than that of an buffed EB.
Since Flameshock's duration got increased to 30 seconds, you have 1 free Unleash_Flame buff in between, which can be used for EB.

For an even more deatailed list, I will post the SimCraft priority in its raw form in the next post.


CDs are one of the strengths Enhancement has to offer right now. We have a lot of them and with T15 gear, you will most certainly specc into EM and PE, giving you incredible burst potential. Combine them with any other short time buffs like Synapse Springs, Lifeblood, Racials and so on for even higher results. You might even want to glyph your Fire Elemental Totem to have your CDs line up all the time.
You will – as you may already know from classes and specs which had DPS-Cooldowns long before we had – want to stack your DPS-CDs, that affect each other.
Meaning: Before you pull out your (Primal) Fire Elemental, Feral Spirit and/or Ascendance form, you might want to consider using any trinkets or Elemental Mastery, because more haste means also more dmg from FE and SW, while having the same bonus for yourself. Same goes for Ascendance as more haste means more autoattacks which means more bonus damage from mastery-buffed autoattacks in the same time.


For any of you who's asking "Why do we prioritise SS over LL?": It's because of the CDs. If we'd use LL before SS, they will become ready nearly at the same time, wasting a GCD of either one before we can use it again, effectively increasing their CD.
But that may change due to the fact that we will take way more haste than we did in the past, which reduces the GCD and can solve this CD problem.


Together with Dragonsoul came changes to Enhancements AOE-arsenal.
In MoP Lava Lash will spread Flameshock from the attacked target (if not glyphed to have this effect removed) to up to 5 nearby enemies with the exact same FS as on the first target, meaning that those Flame Shocks will last as long as the 'main'-FS did at second LL hit as well as being buffed by UE.

Fire Nova will then spread from any target that is affected by FS, hitting every enemy around but not itself. (Meaning: 4 Mobs with FS => FN => Each mob takes 3 hits)
Depending on how many enemies are around, you might want to buff FN with UE instead of the initial Flame Shock.

In between you will want to stick to your normal priority but change LB for CL.

=Stats and Gearing=

Stats LvL 90

Hit and Expertise - NEW

340 rating (either Hit or Expertise) = 1%
The mechanics of Hit and Expertise have been changed for MoP.
  • Hit and Expertise now cap at 7.5%, meaing that styles are hitcapped with 7.5% Hit and you will no longer be parried as you have 7.5% Expertise
  • Expertise now counts toward the Spellhitcap
  • Spellhitcap will remain at 15%, but can be reached with expertise
This means, that we will aim for 7.5% Hit and 7.5% Expertise and by that gain our Spellhitcap "for free". As far as I know, dualwield-white-cap will remain at 27%.

Ratings are:
[TABLE="head"] Cap | Rating
Melee Special Hit | 2550 rating
Expertise | 2550 rating
Expertise (Dwarf/Orc) | 2210 rating
Melee Special Hit (Draenei) | 2210 rating
Spell Hit | 5100 rating


Agility is still our best stat available. It converts to Crit and AP, which again converts at 50% into SP. Aim for that when socketing and choosing gear.


302 rating = 1 point
Mastery has been our best stat up to 5.1 but will be out-classsed by haste as you gear up in 5.2 and obtain more and more RPPM-items, like trinkets and the legendary meta gem.
Mastery also greatly favors UF and EotE as talent choices.


423 rating = 1%
Haste will be our best stat in 5.2 because it so much affects RPPM-effects. It will become so strong, that you will even swap to haste gems. But always watch out for your exact statweights to get the perfect balance between mastery, haste and agility


600 rating = 1%
Crit is as always crit, but hasn't have any major changes since cata and will be our worst stat for now. It is okay if you need to pick it up to gain a higher iLvL, but never gem for it.


We will no longer be affected by any spellpower as a stat or buff. We will only gain SP by AP.

In short

Hit/Exp cap > Agi > Haste > Mastery > Crit

This will do it if you are the "good enough" type. But if your purpose is min/maxing, you should notice that there are points at which haste is stronger than mastery and the other way around. As you may know, simming yourself will give you the needed information.
Following that link to Totemspot, you will find a good explanation to why that is.

Level 85

You may ask "Well, MoP isn't here yet, I don't have any LvL 90 talents, so what?".
I myself will stick to Echo and Haste > Mastery > Crit. That's what SimCraft tells me right now, for my own gear and also for BiS_T13.
Apart from that, there is only one real recommendation I can give to you: SIM IT!. But even though, most of the stat-priorities seem to work right, as SimCraft tells me that haste > master > crit nearly equaly crit > mastery > haste.
Sim it and see if what fits your gear and gameplay best.

At level 85 it should be 769 hit rating and 769 expertise rating or 666 if you have hit or expertise racial bonus. With both ratings we should be also spell hit capped.

Gear and BiS

Set Bonuses

Increased chance for Maelstrom Weapon
This will net you about 1.5-1.6% DPS and might be considered for pre-raid-gear, as gloves and pauldrons from the PvP-Set have a PvE socket bonus which makes them equally good or better than gear from heroic instances.

Increased Lava Lash Damage
This will net you about 1.6-1.7% DPS gain.

Increased Critical Chance from Stormstrike
This will net you abount 2.0-3.5% DPS gain. This depends on your talent choices. As the SS buff increases the critical strike chance of your Lightning Bolt, Earth Shock and Lightning Shield, this bonus synergizes well with Unleashed Fury and partly with Echo of the Elements. It is neutral for Primal Elementalist and slightly anti-synergetic to Elemental Blast, since that talent forces us to cast lesser LBs.

Each succesful Stormstike grants you 2 Maelstrom Charges
This will grant you a dps increase in the range of 1-1.5% in T15_nh_BiS and around 1% in heroic BiS setup. (both using EM/PE)

Each time Windfury is triggered, Feral Spirit's CD is reduced by 8 seconds
This bonus will give you a steady 2-2.5% dps increase in normal BiS as well as in heroic BiS setup. (both using EM/PE)

LFR Tier-Bonus or higher iLvL gear?

How to get the answer (as an example)

I'm guessing, for math's sake, you would exchange chest and head for the tier-parts, assuming a loss of maybe 300 agility and 400 secondary rating. Which makes up for about 2% of your total agility and secondary rating (comparing to my own gear at around iLvL 492), thus assuming a loss of 2% dps. Following Purge's results, which indicates a win of 2-3.5% DPS gaining the bonus, you can only win. (I also read somewhere, the bonus might give something about 4% or even more, but I didn't confirm that yet or see anyone do that)

Thats for the long and 'maybe incorrect', but lazy answer.

For the short and correct answer:
Sim it! (I love to say that)

I won't list up any gear or BiS setup at this point. Instead I encourage you to follow this link to the T15 BiS Discussion over at Totemspot.


In Mists of Pandaria, gems will grant you double the amount of offstats compared to the primary stat. For e.g.
and .
In the start of 5.2, agility gems will still be better.
BUT as you gear up towards the potential BiS gear, haste becomes stronger and stronger and there will be a point, when you will want to swap to haste gems. This is mostly indicated by aquiring the legendary meta and better trinkets. Always sim your character, to see exactly how much haste gems you will want to wear.


[TABLE="head"] Slot | Enchant | Explanation
Shoulder | |
Cloak | or | You can reforge out of hit somewhere else to a better stat than crit
Cheast | |
Wrists | |
Gloves | or or or | Use Exp to reforge into something other or reach the cap. Strength might be good as well => Sim it!
Waist | |
Legs | |
Feet | |
Weapon | or or | Dancing Steel will be best for raiding, even though weaker in the offhand. Windsong may overcome that in later tiers. On low gear lvls, Elemental Force is better than Windsong

=Noteworthy Things=



Word of warning for fellow enhancers:
For Elegon HM your ST will not target Elegon while in the bubble. The best you can do is use FE for 2/3 P1s and magma the rest of P1. For P2 your totem will correctly target the pillars. This means that you will have ~3 minutes out of a 9 minute fight where you are not generating SF stacks.

If anyone wants to tag along, I've made a bug post here:
Searing Totem will not target Elegon on HM - Forums - World of Warcraft

Thanks for that!

•Shaman Searing Totems will no longer break on Heroic Elegon due to the line of sight restrictions while the energy vortex is active. (source)

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Posted 20 August 2012 - 03:07 PM

=SimCraft Priority List=
found here Simulationcraft Results

[TABLE="head"] Position | Action
1 | elemental_mastery,if=talent.elemental_mastery.enabled
2 | fire_elemental_totem,if=!active&(buff.bloodlust.up|buff.elemental_mastery.up|target.time_to_die<=totem.fire_elemental_totem.duration+10|(talent.elemental_mastery.enabled&(cooldown.elemental_mastery.remains=0|cooldown.elemental_mastery.remains>80)|time>=60))
3 | ascendance
4 | searing_totem,if=!totem.fire.active
5 | unleash_elements,if=talent.unleashed_fury.enabled
6 | elemental_blast,if=talent.elemental_blast.enabled
7 | lightning_bolt,if=buff.maelstrom_weapon.react=5
8 | stormblast
9 | stormstrike
10 | flame_shock,if=buff.unleash_flame.up&!ticking
11 | lava_lash
12 | unleash_elements
13 | lightning_bolt,if=buff.maelstrom_weapon.react>=3&target.debuff.unleashed_fury_ft.up&!buff.ascendance.up
14 | ancestral_swiftness,if=talent.ancestral_swiftness.enabled&buff.maelstrom_weapon.react<2
15 | lightning_bolt,if=buff.ancestral_swiftness.up
16 | flame_shock,if=buff.unleash_flame.up
17 | earth_shock
18 | feral_spirit
19 | earth_elemental_totem,if=!active
20 | spiritwalkers_grace,moving=1
21 | lightning_bolt,if=buff.maelstrom_weapon.react>1&!buff.ascendance.up

=Secondary stat table=
from Simcraft found here Simulationcraft Results (in 463 gear):

[TABLE="head"] Talents | Crit | Haste | Mastery
AS_EB | 0.94 | 1.16 | 1.08
AS_PE | 0.98 | 1.18 | 1.09
AS_UF | 0.98 | 1.16 | 1.14
EM_EB | 0.97 | 1.10 | 1.13
EM_PE | 1.00 | 1.17 | 1.10
EM_UF | 1.03 | 1.16 | 1.18
Echo_EB| 0.97 | 1.06 | 1.18
Echo_PE | 0.96 | 1.09 | 1.11
Echo_UF | 0.95 | 1.16 | 1.20


Combat rating system - Wowpedia - Your wiki guide to the World of Warcraft

=Ancestral Guidance vs. Healing Tide Totem=
For references I will take this 463 gear profile.
I'll go with the Echo_UF profile, which has a pretty constant damage output with around 17.000 SP.

Heals up to 5 people for 11 seconds and ticks every 2 seconds. Therefore maximum 30 ticks.
Each tick is about 4932+48.4% of SP, which is close to 13,230
13,230x30 is nearly 400,000 in 11 seconds with 3min cooldown.
short term 36,363 HPS; long term 2222 HPS

Heals up to 3 people for 10 seconds for 40% of your damage.
With average of 64k dps this ends up as (64,000x10x0.4)x3 = 256,000x3 = 768,000 healing in 10 seconds with 2min cooldown.
short term 76,800 HPS; long term 6400 HPS

AG comes out clearly on top, even without any consideration of scaling or AoE situations or damage increasing mechanics.
Note that this isn't 100% correct, as a part of our damage comes from pets/totems etc, so it may not be copied.

AG testing

I just did the testing.

A mage (thanks to Salinia) and me in a raidgroup.
Done at SW dummies.
We both flew up and dropped down to lose health until we reached something around 25% HP. After that I hit the dummie, popped AG und used some skills (no totem). The mage didn't do anything, just stood there.

WOL can be found here:
Since I tested in SW, you should look into the logbrowser and filter for Pyrdon.

And I'm sorry those logs are in german, so here is a small explanation:
Ancestral Guidance would be "Führung der Ahnen"
ES = Erdschock, FT = Flammenzunge, WF = Windzorn, LB = Blitzschlag, Dummie = Trainingsattrappe

As you can see, each heal occurs twice and there are some noticeable events like

[12:16:52.335] Pyrdon Angriff des Windzorns Trainingsattrappe 1 (O: 4494)
[12:16:52.335] Pyrdon Angriff des Windzorns Trainingsattrappe 1 (O: 4574)
[12:16:52.335] Pyrdon Angriff des Windzorns Trainingsattrappe *1* (O: 11753)
[12:16:52.335] Pyrdon Führung der Ahnen Salinia +3978
[12:16:52.691] Pyrdon crits Trainingsattrappe *1* (O: 10596)
[12:16:52.691] Pyrdon Führung der Ahnen Pyrdon +1798[12:16:52.691] Pyrdon gains Waffe des Mahlstroms (4) from Pyrdon
[12:16:52.691] Pyrdon Führung der Ahnen Pyrdon +1830
[12:16:52.691] Pyrdon gains 1000 mana from Pyrdon's Urtümliche Weisheit
[12:16:52.691] Pyrdon Führung der Ahnen Pyrdon +4702
[12:16:52.691] Pyrdon's Schlaghagel is refreshed by Pyrdon
[12:16:52.691] Pyrdon Führung der Ahnen Pyrdon +783
[12:16:52.708] Pyrdon gains Waffe des Mahlstroms (5) from Pyrdon
[12:16:53.124] Pyrdon Führung der Ahnen Salinia +1798
[12:16:53.124] Pyrdon Führung der Ahnen Salinia +1830
[12:16:53.124] Pyrdon Führung der Ahnen Salinia +4701
[12:16:53.124] Pyrdon Führung der Ahnen Salinia +783

Damage, Heal, Anytihing else, a heal from before the copied part (heals on other targets are a lot later than on ourselves)

Theres also a part with a 22k LB crit and two times 8.8k healing with only small damage and healing events around it.

It seems as AG multiplies your damage done by 0.4 and then copies it to up to three (at least two) targets, thus effectively healing for 120% of your damage done.
You may confirm that result on your own.


SimCraft can be found here. Use it to determine your own statweights.

#3 Pyrdon


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Posted 20 August 2012 - 03:08 PM

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#4 Cheysuli


    Glass Joe

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Posted 24 August 2012 - 08:35 AM

The new Enhance me guide says that we need 7,5 % Expertise and 7,5 % Hit with level 90.
How much Hit/Expertise do we need next week with level 85?

We will need 7.5% expertise and 7,5% hit to cap both. At level 85 it should be 769 hit rating and 769 expertise rating or 666 if you have hit or expertise racial bonus. With both ratings we should be also spell hit capped.

mod edit: Yes this was also posted in the Simple Questions thread. It's the exact same post; I copied it here. Don't report it.

#5 Grognard


    Von Kaiser

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Posted 28 August 2012 - 12:22 AM

Being that I'm a Ret Pally by choice, I have not been following Shaman changes that closely. Last week, however, I started raiding on my Enh Shammy to help my guild set up its third 10-man team and thus find myself forced into a crash course on MoP Enhance. Got the basics, now, I believe, but I'm wondering as to what, specifically, has changed to cause haste to skyrocket to (or near to, depending on talents) the top of the stat priority?

#6 nilshaus


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Posted 28 August 2012 - 01:26 AM

Flurry(mouseover incorrect, follow through for mop spell) got an additional effect which increases the haste contribution from our gear by 50%.

#7 Grognard


    Von Kaiser

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Posted 28 August 2012 - 02:37 AM

Okay. So, if I understand it correctly, then, it's really a means by which to generate Maelstrom stacks more quickly and, thus, use more Lightning Bolts? And also, perhaps, increasing ticks from Searing Totem and Flame Shock? I hate to seem dense, but on the face of it it appears to be a rather minor change for so drastic a shift in stat priority - especially when compared to Ret's change towards haste and the obvious reason that the entire rotation is now affected.

#8 msnja


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Posted 28 August 2012 - 08:28 AM

Haste 2.49

Looks like Hurricane become better then Landslide is till leveling will begin.

#9 darkInertia


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Posted 28 August 2012 - 07:50 PM

Okay. So, if I understand it correctly, then, it's really a means by which to generate Maelstrom stacks more quickly and, thus, use more Lightning Bolts? And also, perhaps, increasing ticks from Searing Totem and Flame Shock? I hate to seem dense, but on the face of it it appears to be a rather minor change for so drastic a shift in stat priority - especially when compared to Ret's change towards haste and the obvious reason that the entire rotation is now affected.

I don't believe that searing totem benefits from haste. The new flurry also has five charges, up from three. The main benefits iirc are:

More maelstrom
More flametongue (the searing totem affect now increases FT damage instead of putting a dot on the target)
More white attacks
More flame shock ticks
(possibly) more chances for WF (there is still the 3 sec ICD)
I think that our pets & guardians also gain our haste (and other stats) dynamically.

This also doesn't include ascendance or any of the new talents (level 90 talents scale well with haste).

#10 Jessamy


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Posted 28 August 2012 - 08:56 PM

You're making this more complicated than it needs to be.

Flurry(mouseover incorrect, follow through for mop spell) got an additional effect which increases the haste contribution from our gear by 50%.

All this means is that 1 point of haste is worth 1.5 times as much after the patch as it was before the patch. It was never worthless, just not as good as other choices. Now it's better than it was.

#11 davek


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Posted 29 August 2012 - 02:08 PM

Stone Bulwark Totem's place is likely pulse damage management. So, for example, lets say you're not assigned to eat Twilights on Ultraxion (and you've faith in everyone else and yourself to do it right), you could take SBT to mitigate the damage from Unstable Monstrosity since the refreshes on the shield are going to line up rather nicely with the pulse output and you can have the totem down about 50% of the time.

This is of course assuming a situation where the output from these pulses are still stressing the healers.

#12 daf


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Posted 29 August 2012 - 04:35 PM

Maybe I missed it somewhere but could anyone clarify the meaning of "WK cap"? It doesn't seem to be mentioned anywhere else on the guide...

#13 Rickess


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Posted 29 August 2012 - 07:02 PM

Will Haste reduce our GCD? If so, how much haste is needed to reach 1 sec GCD?

#14 Pyrdon


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Posted 29 August 2012 - 07:26 PM

Maybe I missed it somewhere but could anyone clarify the meaning of "WK cap"? It doesn't seem to be mentioned anywhere else on the guide...

Sorry, might be a typo - WK is Waffenkunde, which is the german expertise - big sorry for that!!

Also, haste does reduce the GCD and as long as I'm not misinformed, 50% haste should reduce the GCD to 1 second.

#15 Kagitaar


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Posted 29 August 2012 - 08:22 PM

The new flurry also has five charges, up from three.

They also fixed the bug that would not consume two stacks when swings were synced, so nothing really changed there.

Also, haste does reduce the GCD and as long as I'm not misinformed, 50% haste should reduce the GCD to 1 second.

I believe that only counts for our spells, so SS and LL aren't affected.

#16 swingmaster


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Posted 30 August 2012 - 10:42 AM

Are we sure that we always recieve 50% more haste from gear, or just when flury is up? From the way the talent reads, it is only when flurry is up. I know that flurry uptime is good, but its not 100%.

Then again, Blizz has never been known for their grammar!

#17 Storyteller


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Posted 30 August 2012 - 11:49 AM

I tested a little of flurry proc, the haste benefit comes up from 0 to 50%, scales are gone. And the uptime in my case fighting the dummy was about 75%.

#18 Deadtime


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Posted 30 August 2012 - 02:29 PM

I've added a Weak Auras Priority List for 5.0.4 LvL 85.
Hope it's fine and all right.
Correct me if I'm wrong.

My Spec
Mists of Pandaria - Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft

updated 20:13 - 30.8.12

#19 Grognard


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Posted 31 August 2012 - 02:53 AM

Looks like Hurricane become better then Landslide is till leveling will begin.

Is that with the Elemental Mastery talent or the Echo of the Elements, since one build is Haste->Mastery and the other is Mastery->Haste? And, for the mst->hst build, would Avalanche be better - or is Avalanche not effected by Enhance's mastery? Been dealing with the Ret changes all week and my Shammy raids tomorrow.

#20 Kagitaar


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Posted 31 August 2012 - 06:17 AM

Are we sure that we always recieve 50% more haste from gear, or just when flury is up? From the way the talent reads, it is only when flurry is up. I know that flurry uptime is good, but its not 100%.

Then again, Blizz has never been known for their grammar!

Only when Flurry is up, I tested how it works extensively on the Beta.

Is that with the Elemental Mastery talent or the Echo of the Elements, since one build is Haste->Mastery and the other is Mastery->Haste? And, for the mst->hst build, would Avalanche be better - or is Avalanche not effected by Enhance's mastery? Been dealing with the Ret changes all week and my Shammy raids tomorrow.

Avalanche is affected by mastery. As for using Hurricane, unless I see numbers it's just speculation.

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