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Hunter spreadsheet

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Posted 24 August 2012 - 12:31 AM

Available to download here

At the moment this should be considered in an early alpha stage as only my eyes have looked at it extensively. I would not be surprised if most people prefer Revkah's excellent web app or simc, but if you are interested in taking a look feedback in this thread or in PMs would be greatly appreciated. Again, it's probably not in a stage where it is worth using to counter some argument you see in FemaleDwarf or SimC (yet!).

What it does
This is not a real simulator although I do try to model "typical" behavior which includes averaged percentages but does account for stacking buff behaviors. I tried to include a bunch of possible conditions when building a rotation to account for a decently robust priority system. More on that below.

The "update" button is only used to update frequencies. This was the only way I knew how to get around circular reference warnings.

Since things like proc rate are assumed to occur at a fixed rate, the behavior is not going to model probabilistically possible but unlikely events such as going through two black arrows without an LnL proc or having 100% Focused Fire uptime. It also means a graph showing the relative value of haste as gear improves is going to look like a jagged, awkward step ladder as it adjusts to the average modeled in the spreadsheet, whereas in a simulator it would look much smoother. (There are downsides to simulators too and this thread is neither meant as a refutation or support of one).

How to Use
This is currently only supported in Microsoft Excel. Sorry. It may work in OpenOffice but it does use a bit of VB macros and I have no idea if they work in other programs.

Everything is divided into tabs that are color coded into general categories. The first two, yellow tabs are general overview and setup which you can mostly ignore for now.

The green tabs are for the bulk of the user input.
Gear - Enter your race, equipped items, enchants, gems, and reforging. The light green cells are meant to be edited and everything else is not (this goes for the spreadsheet as a whole). If you want to account for some correction it is recommended that you use the "Hand Adjust" line on row 101 instead of editing the cells that contain a formula
Talents & Rotation - Select your specialization, pet spec (ok, you won't ever want to change this for pve), rotation (for the most part this has a 1:1 correspondence with the spec you want to use unless you have multiple rotations that support a spec - like with MM), and talents. The rotation option selects from one of the four pre-built rotations detailed here. You probably won't want to change this - I wouldn't likely release a version that has anything less than the ideal, but there are options here to do so. Consider it advanced settings.
Buffs - self explanatory
Gear Planner - There are two parts here. At the bottom you select which options you want it to consider. For instance, right now I have it rate everything from the latter two of the first three MoP raids as worth 0. The top part suggests better gear based on stat weights.
Custom Gear - enter any custom items in here, if it's not otherwise supported

The orange tabs show calculation steps. There is nothing to edit here, but one of the things I personally like about spreadsheets is being able to see the math involved (including where the author made a mistake or could be improved).

The blue tabs show a detailed breakdown of how your talent and rotation selections were modeled in your gear. This is where to look if you think I'm modeling something wrong. The analysis tab also has several pretty graphs to appease the Ezra Klein fans.

To do
  • Needs the ability to import/export files to local disk so that new versions can be downloaded
  • Needs armory support
  • Needs more item import and validation

Alts: http://www.esoth.com/wow/my-characters

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Hunter spreadsheet: http://www.esoth.com...t_download/file

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