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Rogue Simple Questions: Mists Edition

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#341 Babrak


    Glass Joe

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Posted 28 May 2014 - 05:53 PM

Hello everyone. I got a question. I'm trying my best to keep SnD up but the most uptime I keep getting is like 60% now. How often should I be refreshing with Envenom and what's the optimal way to keep SnD up as that's really lowering my DPS. Thanks for the help. I really appreciate it.


Rogue Name: Babrak (Horde)

Realm: Earthen-Ring

#342 Grimwolf


    Von Kaiser

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Posted 28 May 2014 - 08:10 PM

A couple of rules of thumb.


If SnD is about to fall off (less than 2 seconds), Use Envenom with however many combo points you have in order to refresh SnD. That said, unless there is a major pause in the action, you should only have to apply SnD once. Envenoms take care of that for the rest of the fight.


Keep Rupture up at all times - 100% uptime. It's as important as SnD. Refresh it with less than 2 seconds but before it runs out, and it doesn't matter how many combo points you use to refresh it with. The important damage from Rupture comes from Venomous Wounds and that is also a major source of energy, which allows you to Mutilate more often, which gives you more combo points, which allows you to Envenom more often, which allows you to not have to worry about SnD as it will always be up.

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#343 Alather


    Glass Joe

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Posted 29 May 2014 - 07:32 PM

Sorry, i know, i'm a noob. Two Questions:
I've dropped from Galakras the Warforged Unrepetant Heels. I've replaced with these boots my flex drop Stonetoe's Tormented Treads.
Now i've an overcap for experise stat, mi percent is over 7,5%, i stay in the 8,60% range, it's a problem?
Last Question is about Reforge. When use SC auto-Reforge the client Reforge my mastery in haste or crit, when do this i've a boost on dps graph, while when use costume Reforge Mastery-Haste-Crit dps go down aproximately 1,5k.
I'm an assa rogue with 4 t16 pieces and i know my main stat is mastery but shadowcraft don't think this.
Can i have our opinion about this?
And excuse me for my bad engl!

#344 Twoboxer


    Von Kaiser

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Posted 02 June 2014 - 05:43 AM

The reforge should bring your Expertise down close to 7.5%, perhaps slightly below, and put stat points in your best stat(s).  Trust Shadowcraft - optimizing is more complicated than loading Mastery. The DPS results showed you that.

#345 Gryzemuis


    Von Kaiser

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Posted 16 June 2014 - 01:37 PM

We all know that when melee attacks from the front, we miss an extra 7.5% of our swings, because of parries. But what is the exact dps loss ?


Quick and easy answer would be 7.5% swings missed means 7.5% dps loss. But I am sure that it is not so simple. E.g. suppose when we have 30% crit for double damage, and 70% normal hits. Getting an additional 7.5% parry would mean we now have 30% critical hits and 62.5% normal hits. That would be a 5.77% dps loss. But getting more misses will also impact uptimes of our trinket procs, weapon enchant, maybe even deadly poison will fall off more often. It's too complicated for napkin math.


Anyone every done the real math for a more precise answer ?



Fatjimmy was so kind to run a simulation with simcraft with my gear. He said my theoretical dps would go down from 401931 to 356338. Which is rougly a 11.5% dps loss. This would still be with Killing Spree. If I couldn't do Killing Spree at all, my dps while attacking from the front would go down to 314807. Which is a 22% dps loss.

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