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5.0.4 Resto Druid FAQ

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#41 Lazerdollarz


    Moonkin Hatchling

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Posted 15 September 2012 - 05:41 AM

Mushrooms are simply not powerful enough given their setup time to use rotationally. Plant them pre-pull in an appropriate position and when damage is low enough that you can burn 3 globals setting them up, then detonate them when damage gets heavier (Bloom is off the GCD) to supplement your normal raid healing paradigm.

#42 Kjeldorian


    Piston Honda

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Posted 15 September 2012 - 01:15 PM

In my frame of mind I simply treat WM:B as Nourish, the healing base value and spell power of 3x mushrooms is almost equal if not slightly better than a Nourish (Note same mana cost to Detonate as Nourish)

Number of Targets
Using similar stats from previous posts,
  • Nourish heals for 22.5k with a 2.05 cast time ~11k HPS
  • WM:B heals for 7.5k per mushroom / per target with a 1.24 sec GCD for each shroom for a 3.72 casting time. 6k HPS

Number of Targets you would need to hit with all three shrooms to equate HPS (yay algebra):
  • Nourish: 2 Targets
  • Healing Touch: 6 Targets
  • RG (Glyphed w/o LS): 13 Targets
  • RJ: 15 Targets
  • WG (Glyphed): 31 Targets

This is certainly one of those spells that favors 25s more than 10s and stacking over loose. The only other useful mechanic to this ability is the refreshing of Harmony if you hit one target, great as an emergency refresh the harmony stack while you're busy in an AoE healing phase.

#43 Erdluf


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Posted 15 September 2012 - 04:51 PM

Note that http://elitistjerks...._x/#post2194025 says WM:B starts diminishing returns at 6 targets.

Sometimes you care more about mana than HPS. Number of targets needed for Wild Mushroom: Bloom (three shrooms) to have better HPM

2: Nourish, Regrowth*, Healing Touch*
3: Cenarion Ward*, Wild Growth(glyphed)
5: Lifebloom (single stack, including bloom)
10: Swiftmend

Spells marked with a star may be listed one too high (In other words I'm showing HT is only slightly more efficient than a single-target WM:B).

#44 Kjeldorian


    Piston Honda

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Posted 15 September 2012 - 08:30 PM

I do concede forgetting to applying the diminishing returns to WM:B, though it just points more towards the lackluster ability of WM:B.

My question is regarding how the HPM calculation came about, since Swiftmend (1.70% base mana) is cheaper than WM:B (2.04% base mana).

Healing Per Mana
Using the numbers posted before for healing done, I get:
  • Nourish, 3.7 HPM
  • WM:B (3 Shrooms), 3.7 HPM / Target
  • Healing Touch, 3.95 HPM
  • Regrowth (No Living Seed, Glyphed), 4.2 HPM
  • Rejuvenation, 9.1 HPM
  • Wild Growth (Glyphed) 13.4 HPM
  • Lifebloom (Single stack, unglyphed, bloom), 17.5 HPM
  • WM:B (3 Shrooms, 6 Targets) 22.2 HPM
  • Swiftmend, 39.6 HPM

It's clear that WM:B is the new AoE Nourish and is superior in the HPM department versus other spells.
We also need to consider are the free spells (LB refresh via direct heal and OoC RG / HT).

Healing Per Execution Time
  • WM:B (3 Shrooms), 6k / target HPET
  • Nourish, 10.9k HPET
  • Healing Touch, 33k HPET
  • WM:B (3 Shrooms, 6 Targets), 36k HPET
  • Lifebloom (Single Stack, unglyphed, bloom) 50k HPET
  • Regrowth (Glyphed, no living seed), 59.9k HPET
  • Rejuvenation, 87k HPET
  • Wild Growth (Glyphed), 149k HPET
  • Swiftmend, 163.5k HPET

Notice that the last 4 tend to be the spells focused upon because they get more done in a short amount of time, rather that WM:B is pretty slow and if your healing team is aggressive most of the potential healing here is wasted.

Mana Per Execution Time and Percent Per Execution Time
  • Regrowth 14.4k (4.81%)
  • Wild Growth 11.1k (3.71%)
  • Rejuvenation 9.6k (3.2%)
  • Healing Touch 8.4k (2.81%)
  • Swiftmend 4k (1.38%)
  • Nourish / WM:B 3k (.99%)
  • Lifebloom 2.9k (.96%)
  • Tranquility 2k (.66%)

The higher you are on this list the more mana you burn, which is pretty obvious from having to spam regrowth versus blanketing with lifeblooms.

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