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[A][Aman'Thul] Lfm MoP 10&25's

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Posted 30 August 2012 - 03:43 AM

The War Front - Home (Our homepage link)

The War Front, 18+ (Average age 24 to 35)guild of mature players who are interested in preparing for hard modes in the upcoming expansion while focusing on clearing all content which is currently available . If you're an aware player who feels they want something more from their raiding then this may be something worth considering.

Current positions open for
Rdps: Two core position open, no class restriction.
Mdps: Rogue
Tanks: One Core position for Death Knight, Warrior or Monk
Heals. One of any class for group 2

Our Raid times are: (Times in Aest, GMT+10)

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.
7:30 Be Online
7:45 be ready to raid
8pm pull
5 minute breaks on the hour.
11pm Raid ends.

We are a group of friends first and foremost, we love to raid. However, it's difficult to find other players who are raid aware. Raid positions are performance based and as such, the better group will always be taken to work on progression. We will also work towards slowly building group 2 & 3 for other players who need to experience content. We are looking to find players who we get along with first and foremost. Then we look at weather or not you can play your class, or if we can help you improve your game.

Raider Requirement
We set a average standard for our players and encourage you to min max wherever possible. While we do not require two raiding professions such as Blacksmith and JC. We have set a standard with the raiders to have whichever two professions they have chosen to be maxed.

We expect you to have researched fights, it is unacceptable to walk into raid without basic knowledge of mechanics. I have provided video links on our website of the chosen strategy to make things simpler.

TWF is really pushing for excellence in the coming expansion, to achieve our goals we use the time we have to our advantage and so, it is general consensus to ensure raiders and applicants make 95% of raids as well a being punctual to the raid times listed above. There are also relevant forum threads for you to let us know of holidays or planned trips, emergencies you may have.

As with any serious guild, you must have an in depth knowledge of your class mechanics from elitist jerks forums, the skill to pull your weight and have the relevant mods to assist you in game.

Dedication > Skill > Gear

Aside from raiding we all enjoy arena and even have a Multi-boxer of elemental shamans in the guild who is setting up a RBG group. Many of our members are also heavily into PvP

The War Front, not just a guild. Its a group of friends you can spend hours in vent with, grind achievements, transmorg, professions, arena and rep together with. We play this game every day. We play it well.

I can be contacted anytime via real i.d matthew.brdjanovic@gmail.com or gmail. We're here to stay, Let’s see what we can accomplish.

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