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Posted 04 September 2012 - 11:19 PM

Post: Blood Tanking - Actively Mitigating since before it was cool
User: Smiegel
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I really enjoyed reading your tanking guide and will continue to use it as a guideline throughout MoP. So keep up the awesome work!

I have a question concerning runeforge choices. I read the section that went over it and understand that if you need more EH to take Stoneskin otherwise to take Swordshattering. You also mentioned that if EH or mitigation/avoidance isn't a concern to take Fallen Crusader.

Just how far behind Stoneskin and Swordshattering is Fallen Crusader in terms of survivibility? I understand that FC relies much more on RNG where the other two provide more static stats. But although small FC does provide a chance to heal as well as an increase to parry through the 15% strength proc.

I kind of just feel that FC offers more in terms of the plethora of things a tank needs to do to be succesful

From your list.

1) Survive.
2) Hold aggro.
3) Minimize damage taken and healing required (through self heals, damage reduction CDs and such).
4) Support the raid with CDs (i.e. Anti-Magic Zone, Glyph of Death Coil).
5) Deal as much damage as possible.

While Stoneskin and Swordshattering only improves #1, and#3 I feel that FC improves #1,#3, (although to a lesser extent), #2, and #5.

I know this all probably depends on the boss/mechanics, etc, etc., but am I way off for thinking that FC should be a viable tanking runeforge choice?

Thanks in advance.


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