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Posted 09 September 2012 - 02:05 AM

Post: Blood Tanking - Actively Mitigating since before it was cool
User: ThrackDK
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RE does give more resources (for more dps) and BT does give more control (for survivability), but RC gives consistency, which is not something to scoff at. In hardcore progression consistency is very valuable, and while I'd still prefer the control of BT there is an argument to be made for the consistency of RC in hardmode progression.

Hardmode tanking is all about handling burst damage. If you are playing at least remotely correctly (which you generally should be if your are doing hm progression) then overall healing taken and mana isn't going to be much of an issue, making it boil down to essentially how you handle the burst damage of either mechanics (high stacks of zonozz's buff, ph2 on warmaster ect.) or just large full hits from normal 25H boss swings. Blood tap gives us the ability to pool a DS, so that we always have one on deck in case of a surprise burst. RC gives us consistency, which will help to reduce the randomness of our damage intake. While i prefer to have the tools to deal with the spike damage (blood tap) having a more reliable dmg intake is also viable if your healers are consistent enough to be able to find a "groove". So while i agree that BT is still optimal, RC isn't exactly useless either.

The fact remains that as a blood DK you can only take advantage of 66% of any RC proc for survivability as you get the blood runes regening as well as your F/UH and you can take 100% advantage of the other two if played correctly. You can make any arguement you want about situational happenings but the math doesnt back you up if your talking about true min/max theory crafting then no reasonable DK would ever think about taking RC in any situation. If anyone could show me some math or actual theorycrafting to discount what im saying id love to discuss it as my only drive here is to find the absolute best talent for us.

Statements like ....

RC gives us consistency, which will help to reduce the randomness of our damage intake

This statement is so completely wrong...about the only thing that RC gives us consistantly is less survivability than RE and BT due to generating fewer DS per RS. Your basically saying that by having a steady stream of fewer DS per RS we are going to be more equiped to handle damage spikes which makes absolutely zero sense and mathmatically is completely unprovable.

I understand the timing of DS in reaction to damage and that DS/min isnt the end all again but I was mearly showing with emperical data that you would gain 1 DS per 30 seconds with RE over RC. Considering that even if your timing your DS pretty well you will be able to find another gcd in there somewhere to take advantage of that DS.

Im really confused as to why we are saying that RC is even close to viable for blood the math and TC is really simple and your basically arguing that gaining 50% more resources from a talent could be a bad thing in some situations which is laughable and no true TC would ever think that.

Im not saying that there is a clear cut winner between BT/RE as I can see situations for both but RC is completely unviable for Blood in current form.

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