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Posted 10 September 2012 - 09:34 PM

Post: Shaman: Simple Questions thread, a rule-7-free zone (Mists edition)
User: rkr87
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It is generally better to have your higher DPS weapon in your MH since you have fewer chances of missing/dodging once you are at your Hit and Exp caps. It is not practical to stack Hit to cap your OH because you are sacrificing too much in regards to other damaging stats/abilities. However, considering that White damage is generally low on our output list, you could experiment with both. I can say that I've seen higher DPS while I was farming for my second Normal NK, by having my first one in my MH.

Thanks for the reply! After a bit of testing I noticed my DPS is higher with my higher DPS weapon in my MH!

I have another question too - How exactly do wolves work? Do they take a % of my stats when I pop them and keep those stats for the entire duration they're out or do their stats adjust as my stats adjust?

IE would it be better to pop wolves when I have Flurry up so they get the increased haste for the whole time they're out, or does it not matter as they'll gain the extra haste as and when I do?


EDIT: Typos and also to ask for clarification on whether or not Fire Ele totem works the same as wolves do for my above question.

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