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Posted 11 September 2012 - 02:11 AM

Post: Blood Tanking - Actively Mitigating since before it was cool
User: Panthros
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Read more carefully, you missed the point of Tyvi's post. Blizzard's intends for a Blood tank to trade DS for HS when you need to do damage more than you need to worry about surviving. But Death Siphon is much better damage than either DS or HS so that's not the case.

Also, don't quote a very long post like that in its entirety. It makes your post longer than it needs to be. Snip out everything but a sentence or two, and people will still know who and what you're replying to.

Original Post:

The heroic debuff is still there though, at 600% bonus damage taken. So I wondered if Death Siphon is even still worth it compared to Death Strike or Heart Strike just for the damage and here is what I found:

Assumptions: 120k AP (which is probably on the lower end), as our weapon (average damage range is 15070), Weakened Armor for a 32% damage reduction from boss armor, Curse of Elements (+5% spell damage) and Physical Vulnerability (+4% physical damage).

Death Strike:
(((120000/14)*3.3 + 15070)* 2.8 + 2094)*0.68 * 1.04 = 87332 damage for 2 Runes

Heart Strike:
(((120000/14)*3.3 + 15070)* 1.15 *1.3 + 681)*0.68 * 1.04 = 46320 damage for 1 Rune, 92640 damage for 2 Runes

Death Siphon:
(120000 * 0.4 + 4985)*1.05 = 55634 damage per Rune, 111268 damage for 2 Runes

Normalized to Death Strike at 100% and 2 Runes, we get:

Death Strike: 100%
Heart Strike: 106%
Death Siphon: 127%

For AP breaking points:

- You need 55870 AP for 2xDeath Siphon to do the same damage as 1xDeath Strike with a T14 normal weapon
- You need 65463 AP for 1xDeath Siphon to do the same damage as 1xHeart Strike with a T14 normal weapon

So for heroic with the 600% damage taken debuff it is clear that Death Siphon is ideal to not only keep you up but also do the highest possible damage during his vulnerability phases. One Death Siphon alone will do ~390k healing which should easily keep you alive.

Maybe for the damage(replacing Heart Strike, as you say), but Death Siphon still doesn't give you bloodshields, so in terms of survivality it gets pretty strange.

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