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[Resto] Mists of Pandaria 5.4

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#1301 Kjeldorian


    Piston Honda

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Posted 01 February 2014 - 01:40 AM

NV - helps with the magnet phases, with the burst of overloads, and a small portion of AoEing down mines..

Ursol / Typhoon - to aid in the knockback of crawler mines.

ToL / SotF - ToL has a use during the empowered magnet phase, else SoTF.

Displacer Beast - helps you avoid fire lines when kiting lasers / sawblades.


In our 25 strat the ranged stay clumped allowing for the usage of Thok and Prismatic, else Prismatic and Samophlage. 

#1302 Mjolkspam


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Posted 21 February 2014 - 01:08 AM

I have a slight problem with my druid.  I got 561 ilvl now.  Thing is tho, i got plenty of gear with Mastery on it.


So if i'm about to get 13k haste, i'll have to gem haste like a maniac. Will end up with about 12.5k spirit (which should be OK with my playstyle), but only about 6k mastery..    And as of now, i got 16k spirit (cause i can), 11.6k mastery and 3144 haste.


Those 6k mastery seem little to me, but have stayed at 3043+ haste for a long time, as it has always worked well in 10m with an Priest(disc) as my partner. I even try to gem as much  Int + Mastery gems as possible, always liked the extra spellpower.  If i change to 13k Haste, i will need to gem Haste gems all the way pretty much.

But to be honest, what do you think?  Will i be better of with 13k haste and 6k mastery?  Spirit won't be a problem for me, as i can change playstyle easy. I have playd with that little before without problem.


I have done all this little fast using askmrrobot, just to check how it could look with 13k haste instead.


Summery:   I play 10m raids.  Got 16k Spirit, 11.6k Mastery, 3144 haste atm.      Will i be better of with  12.5k Spirit, 6k Mastery, 13k Haste?    Or should i change what i have to less Spirit with even more Mastery?

If i have said something wierd, as my english ain't the best. Just ask and i'll answer you.


Armory:  http://eu.battle.net...j├Âlkspam/simple

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Posted 24 February 2014 - 10:02 PM

In my opinion, you are running with too much spirit.  I've been setting my spirit cap @ 10k (total static) since starting heroics and that's worked well for me, even before having a Mana Tide totem in the group.


Fights with a lot of dispelling are the only ones where I have to be especially careful with my mana. (Protectors, Sha (depending on rng,) Thok (phase 2.))

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Posted 27 February 2014 - 09:58 PM


At first, its nice that Rdruids have this kind of place where players can find lot of info and help even if you are in HC content. Thank you all of you guys!


Then to the point.


I have a bit OVERHEALING PROBELEM. I dont know, I have had some kind of tought that im good healer, but in past months I have had doubts in it. Currently we are doing 10 man heroics (12/14hc) and everything is going pretty well. My problem is, that i do have lot of overhealing issues with our DISC priest. Im doing huge overheals, I mean HUGE like in some kills i do have 200% OH... and thats not good, not at all. I do also have mana issues (supprise!!!  :P ).  What do I do wrong? Is it just that im too active with disco, or should I do things differently. If I give you picture to my healing it goes like, pre hot few peeps, when damage comes hot more, use WG and if theres lot of damage i use genesis, or trank.....etc.. as you know its pretty hard to tell others what you do exactly. Here is on of our PRE clear raid logs




Can i have some advices, should I just stop pre hotting, and also stop hot:ing rejus at the small damage taken situations? What will I do then? just "sit down and watch"? or should I use different spells? 


Im a bit pissed of in this cause dont know how I can improve my healing done, and stop using all my mana to OH's? Is there any other druids who does have same problems? how you have managed wiht it?


Its just, DISCOS YBERsmart heals heals and bubbles everthing and i just basicly wait :) i dont want to raid like that :D


Thank you for you're answers and sorry my bad english and typos :)




#1305 Kjeldorian


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Posted 04 March 2014 - 12:24 AM

Over healing is not important unless you are going Out of Mana (oom) early in fights. It is something you must accept due to the nature of how healing works in the game. A Disc Priest / Holy Paladins shields will trigger before your HoTs can begin healing resulting in their overhealing being much lower than yours. 


Keep on doing what you're doing, just bump up that Harmony uptime (82% is low given the ability to use sagemender, swiftmend, shroom, or NS as cheap / free ways to keep your 20 second buff up). As others have suggested 10-12k spirit with various mana trinkets will help you gauge how to handle your mana with the aim of just running oom on your longest and toughest fights as they end. 


One word of advice is to use a raid addon that will tell you the amount of absorbs they have to determine if you really need to regrowth someone or if a rejuv will suffice. Especially when you're healing with a disc priest as your partner and are using a bubble generating tank like a Brewmaster Monk (it will also help in predicting when they're using their Spirit Shield / Guard so you won't have to work as hard during those moments).

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Posted 16 March 2014 - 08:01 AM

@  Markyus



Hey there,


Basically this is what absorbs do to us druids, shamans and monk healers. As Kjeldorian said before absorbs will trigger first when taking damage than anything that wasn't absorb will be the damage taken for that player. Lucky for us our hots will most likely be the first thing to heal that damage. 


I had a similar issue when I first discovered absorbs making me overheal a fair amount. I track spirit shell, guards and power word: shields and weakened soul especially. If a priest is using spirit shell I generally don't heal unless its Thok then I want to keep refreshing my mushroom absorbs from overhealing otherwise you will find yourself doing nothing in terms of effective healing. Once you start tracking absorbs you will find yourself ooming less since you wont be healng on top of absorbs therefore you can effective use that mana after the shields. Don't bother tracking Illuminati healing (illuminated healing) paladins only screw you at the start of fights while everyone is waiting to pull. I use Vuhdo and track everything with that.


You can find more healing if you keep your lifebloom as close to 100% as possible and only using Wild Growth with Soul of the Forest if you are running that talent otherwise you are using more mana for less healing.


If you are having mana issues then no one can really tell you how to play that part better. In my opinion mana issues reflect on how you heal and how comfortable you are with your spirit/gear. I'm running 12,300k with Dysmorphic Samophlange of Discontinuity and on some fights Thok's Acid-Grooved Tooth. I'm not entirely comfortable with this amount of spirit but I'm trying to get more mastery by doing it and also our kill times are shorter every few weeks which brings me to a good point - you need to know how long a fights going to take and the damage output for that fight to decide how much spirit/trinkets you want to use. Galakras has mutiple breaks to gain mana back while you sit around doing nothing so you won't use any mana trinkets and go with cleave/amp. Whereas with Iron Jugg, Malkorok or Siegecrafter its almost mostly constant healing so you want the mana regen.


Another way to increase your healing is to always have lifeblooms and rejuvs on your tanks 100% of the time if you can. Tanks take the most damage in the raid and generally a lot of spike damage which is why our 2 piece is so good - you can snipe those heals faster.


Don't regrowth or healing touch unless you have a clearcasting proc, 3-5 stacks of sage mender (2 piece) or you will actually save the player from death otherwise let your rejuvs heal them up. Doing unnecessary regrowths/healing touches will oom you faster than you know.


And lastly you should get to know raidbots.com which is a site where you can compare world of logs parses with your own and see where you might have lower numbers and uptimes and even cooldown usage.

#1307 Markyus


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Posted 18 March 2014 - 06:25 PM

Hey! Ty for youre answers. It did not helped me much, all waht you did tell me i was allready knowing, and alos noadays have payd more atenttion to my mastery buff... I know druids are doing OH a lot and its ok with me, I was just wondering can i do more... but now i know the answer :) just take it easy and continue what im doing :)  i just need to be a bit calmer with my heals; a bit less rejus and also not so much use Genesis :) but anyway GL with youre gaming and keep up the good work :)




#1308 renchy


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Posted 02 April 2014 - 12:37 PM

Right Guys, Seigecrafter HC = Dead! 

Now onto Klaxxi


What tips and tricks do you have for a fellow resto druid on this fight? Talents? Glyphs? Gamestyle? 


The other healer that I am with is a pally just for background information. 



#1309 Rekkiem


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Posted 08 April 2014 - 11:47 AM

Right Guys, Seigecrafter HC = Dead! 

Now onto Klaxxi


What tips and tricks do you have for a fellow resto druid on this fight? Talents? Glyphs? Gamestyle? 


The other healer that I am with is a pally just for background information. 


This is a very easy fight as soon as the raid understands how they can avoid damage. This might sound like a cop out - but most deaths on this fight will be to things that you can do nothing about as a healer (people standing in stuff).


Make sure that people really get out for fire lines (it does negligible damage when you spread really far away), that you have people who can soak aim properly (I believe we used 2 rogues for our kill), and that you chain cooldowns on the tank at the end.


Wind Reaver will hit like a truck, so  in between reaves have smoke bombs, ironbark, pain suppression, sac, vigilance, barrier etc up. I've seen the tank globalled a few times so don't hold back.


For talents I took Inc and NV, though SotF is arguably much better. Don't bother picking up any of the buffs. To deal with easy fire lines get a wild growth up on those it can reach, rejuv a couple and genesis - this is more than enough. If you have tranq, call it, run into a more central position and use it, but be prepared to get out for hurl ambers.


You can iceblock the kunchong (spl?) grip if it is too close to you, and you can blink through rapid fire if you mess up.


Kill here - very clean once people actually know what they are doing



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#1310 Meltty


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Posted 20 May 2014 - 10:41 PM

Sorry for my bad English ! 

So for the klaxxi :

Talents: [item='']Displacer Beast[/item]
              [item='']Ysera's Gift[/item]
             [item='']Soul of the Forest[/item]
             [item='']Nature's Vigil[/item]

Trinkets for this Fight: Prismatic Prison of Pride [item='105474'][/item]
So for the 2n option you have: :http://www.wowhead.com/item=105615 : Use it if you have more than 2 DISC Priest or a Holy Pally- Or you having mana problem.

                                                  http://www.wowhead.com/item=105549: Use it if you raid dont have many Disc Priest or Pally Holy. And dont have mana problem.

Its my opnion.

So, for the entire fight you need to put a track, on your raid frames, to see de PARASITE debuff. Very Important. So um priorize this targets with your rejuv and Lifebloom. 
Use Nature's Vigil always when they appear, on the begin of First phase and on the middle of the fase. 
ALWAYS use Swiftmend with WG, on CD on Melles or if necessary on casters for Soul of the Forest Proc.
ALways mantain the Efflorescence on melles( U can put on caster if necessary).
Force the Cloak to proc on Parasites - So use Genesis if u have more 3 or 4 targets with REJUV. Use Genesis to Load your Mushrooms ! On this Fight is a good way to TOP the noobs.

Stay Alive, When you see RAPID FIRE - Pay attention and stay safe.

Use Displacer Beast for run out of AMBER. Its a good way to set up it away from raid.
Use Displacer Beast when you are pulling by Kuchongs.( REMEMBER, dont use it on begin, wait, if you will die, you use it, give you some more time).

For the 2nd part of fight you will need: Track on Insane Calculation: Fiery Edge on raid frames. Priorize this targets, they will take a lot of damage.
Maintain the Efflorescence on Melles , bloom it on every Fiery Edge. Put Again.

Get away from kuchongs. HEAL the Mesmerize Targets.

Use Nature's Vigil on Fiery Edge 
Barskin to help on mitigation.
Use Ironbark on tank when they are hited by Wind Reaver.

Use Nature's Vigil on REAVE, chage the Efflorescente on this time and put on melles move.

Tranquility: Best time for use:   Begin of the fight on PARASITES, or on the middle phase when they appear again.
                                                 Fiery EDGE its a good choice too. 
PS: Use when u feel you raid is take a lot of damage, this will change with your setup.

Displacer Beast for get out of Amber (hit hard on final stage) and get out on Death from Above.

And this is it. Its a good fight at all.

If anyone have some doubt, can add me on Battle.net( Melty#1780)

I can post garrosh Heroic fight too.

Armory: http://us.battle.net.../Melty/advanced




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#1311 renchy


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Posted 01 June 2014 - 11:45 PM

Yes please Meltty that would be very helpful if you could add a Garrosh section as well, had to adapt a few things for 10man but overall what you provided was spot on. 

It helped me get 28th 10man on that fight.


Garrosh Tactics would be very valuable as well if you wouldnt mind? 

#1312 renchy


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Posted 06 August 2014 - 12:25 PM

Ok well seen as Meltty didnt respond, we have killed garrosh, after a few rooster problems and dc's etc


The talent choices that I used were:

Natures Vigil 

Soul of the Forest



Prismatic Prison of Pride

Thoks Cleave trinket


I was also healing with a disc priest, solo tanking, 7 dps


The first phase was all about dps prioritizing garrosh over the adds, to which when the first set of adds came out, i popped NV and continued to heal what was left by the disc.... I then also applied a Sotf Moonfire to Garrosh to help with the dps and sent out a few wraths. 

Using it here allows for the use in the 1st intermission phase, where you can use it on the slams, nothing special here, use it combine sotf with WG and keep rejuv up on everyone If you can tranq as well then go for it! 


2nd Phase was all about mushroom placement, seen as we had 3 melee including the tank i kept the mushrooms on the raid. During the whirling corruption i would place fresh rejuvs on the melee, and i would combine a sotf with WG or even Sotf and Rejuv on the tank as he was taking a fair amount of damage, simply pop mushrooms when the range group is getting low, give them a WG and they will be fine, with the melee here is the chance to use genesis if you do not have a OOC Proc or no instant healing touch. I used my NV just before the 3rd mind control to help with them and placed a Sotf moonfire on the boss with trinket procs etc


We did not get a second intermission due to the dps being high. 


3rd Phase, Garrosh runs to the middle BL GG! But just before you say GG you have to deal with an empowered whirling corruption, Make sure to keep the tank up whilst you tranq (use NV) and avoid the purple puddles. Mushrooms here are a pain to explode unless you get a cloak proc. So i kept mine on the tank to explode when he got low.  You kill him, the tank debuff is about to expire hug up, and explode the mushrooms again on the stacked raid.


4th Phase is just simple, handle the malice, spawn an iron star, kite the iron star into the boss properly and its game over! Overall its a great fight! 


If you have any questions just ask 

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