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Posted 12 September 2012 - 11:29 PM

Post: [Priests 5.0.4] I Get Misty
User: Szeretlek
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So, in essence, by making your bubble bigger, you increase your overall absorbs. An option available to you when changing out spirit gems.

Only in crazy world I will gem stamina as Disc instead of Mastery, Spirit or Int.

About FDCL.
I dont cast GH or FH often in that expansion. And with Penance Glyph and Holy Fire Glyph I throw away Smite from my bar. You just smash PoH button so many times, that needed to get your raid healed. And that is right way to do it.
If you find yourselve to benefiting from FDCL - try cast more PoH`s. It will be hps increase anyway.

About Solace.
I have lul moments only in progression raids, where mana is tight and you need play in conserve mode.
So if you are find yourselves benefiting from Solace - try cast more PoH`s!

About Mindbender.
It is great tool to keep mana flowing all the time. I cast 1st MB after 15'' and just keep it on cooldown. It is simply more convinient SF, which is ready when you need it.
If you find yourselves not benefiting from MB - try cast for 5 min in non-stop mode PoH`s and you will get how cool it is. You wont have lul phases for Solace and you will cast high hps and high hpm PoH instead of low hps and low hpm GH/FH so FDCL doesnt proc.

I wish I can show you WoL records, but they all in Russian.

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