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Warning for Reniat: 1. All posters are to make an effort to communicate clearly.

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Posted 13 September 2012 - 09:35 PM

Post: Blood Tanking - Actively Mitigating since before it was cool
User: Reniat
Infraction: 1. All posters are to make an effort to communicate clearly.
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Your math is a bit off for heart strike. The 30% increase from diseases is applied to the total damage, so you would put the 1.3 on the outside of the parenthesis. Its only a difference of 204.3 damage, but I thought i'd point that out because i'm obnoxious like that :) Also you said in the guide that 2x heart strike is now less than 1x death strike, which while close isn't the case. in your own math above you show that 2x heart strike is still better than a single death strike after you count in the bonuses from disease damage for all levels of attack power (albeit not by much).

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