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Warning for Wyxz: The enthusiasm is appreciated

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Posted 17 September 2012 - 10:58 PM

Post: Mists of Pandaria: All Specs
User: Wyxz
Infraction: The enthusiasm is appreciated
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Administrative Note:

Message to User:

We most definitely encourage this kind of work on EJ, but when presenting hypotheses such as this please be sure to include your data sets. The easiest way to do this is provide a combat log as well as an armory profile that allows us to replicate the scenario and further test it. Check some of the other posts here and on our other class forums for better examples.

Original Post:

I did some tests with addition of explosive trap on BM rotation on Beta , standardized all my gear to ilvl 463 (heroic dungeon gear) with Crit>Mastery>Haste reforges, all enchanted and using as Orc:

My average explosive trap damage per trap is 25836 and my average Arcane shot NON CRIT damage is 20419. Well. on theory worth put explosive trap on rotation because the damage of trap itself is bigger than Arcane shot non crit.

I made some tests on Shattrath dummys using explosive trap and i had a decrease on DPS, but my damage done goes up, comparing with rotation without explosive trap.

I dont know with better weapons, because Arcane Shot are based on weapon damage, but if your explosive trap does more damage than your arcane shot non crit i think worth put it on rotation.

I usually cast explosive trap right after i cast cobra shot, because on cobra shot cast time i have time to prepare the trap cast.

Some trap facts:

- Dots have chance to crit based on your Crit.
- Does not trigger any of your trinket on cast (not even on dots ticks).

I don't know if haste affects the dot of explosive trap, if affect please let me know.

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