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Infraction for Exhawk: 8. All accounts must have a valid WoW profile.

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Posted 19 September 2012 - 06:24 PM

Post: [MoP] Beastmastery 5.0.4
User: Exhawk
Infraction: 8. All accounts must have a valid WoW profile.
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Fix your profile we don't allow anonymous posting here. Don't hit enter after every sentence, use paragraph form when posting.

Original Post:

The case isn't quite this simple as you also have to consider the GCDs use for Lynx Rush and Blink Strike during the 3 minute time frame and the benefit gained by the Lynx Rush scenario of being able to cast more Arcane/Cobra Shots.

Using a FemaleDwarf T14N profile set to a 3 minute duration and using the following minimal shot selection:

Bestial Wrath
A Murder of Crows / Lynx Rush / Blink Strike
Arcane Shot
Cobra Shot

69578.72 = A Murder of Crows
66857.77 = Lynx Rush
66755.60 = Blink Strike

Although it is true that a larger percentage of damage will be done from Blink Strike than Lynx Rush, the net damage will be large by having more GCDs available for other abilities when using either of the alternatives.

So the difference is smaller than I thought. If you pair that with how Blood Fury and Rabid line up, LR takes a bit of a bigger lead, which makes my math semi correct.

The difference on FD sim without Rabid/BF line up is 0.15% difference in total overall damage, Mine was 0.5% with Rabid/BF.

Clearly Murder of Crows is the leader though as far as DPS on single target goes.

I just wanted to settle a debate many of the people on the regular WoW hunter forums were having.

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