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Disc Priest - Mists of Pandaria

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#401 Szeretlek


    Piston Honda

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Posted 04 March 2013 - 02:04 PM

This is the same latency bug seen with casting Renew right after a single-target heal with a cast time as Holy in single-target Chakra. The upshot for that, as a smiting Disc. priest, is that the CD reduction on Penance isn't very useful on the last Smite before a Penance - by the time the CD reduction registers, Penance is usually off or nearly off CD anyway.

My sense is that the spell queuing system does not allow you to queue up a Penance when it's on CD, but I could be wrong about that. If you can, it makes the latency bug much less of an issue. Can anyone speak with certainty about this?

Im very hard smiter, so I have experience in this =) You can queue spells wnen they are on CD if that CD is lower then your queue setting. 500ms for example.

Thats how it works (and that bug really imroves your dps):

Start cast 1st Penance, Penance CD starts, 2 sec cast time -> queue 1st smite
Start cast 1st Smite, 1.5 sec cast time -> queue 2nd smite
Start cast 2nd Smite, 1.5sec -> after small latency Penance CD lowered by 0.5 from 1st Smite -> Penance CD remains 0.5sec, so queue 3rd smite
Start cast 3rd Smite, 1.5sec -> after small latency Penance CD lowered by 0.5 from 2nd Smite (useless) Penance off CD -> queue 2nd Penance
Start cast 2nd penance (6 sec CD starts) 2 sec cast time -> after small latency 2nd Penance CD lowered by 0.5 from 3rd Smite -> queue 4th Smite
Start cast 4th Smite, 1.5sec -> queue 5th smite
Start cast 5nd Smite, 1.5sec -> after small latency Penance CD lowered by 0.5 from 4th Smite -> Penance off CD so queue 3rd Penance

So first 6 sec of Penance CD was filled by:
2sec penance cast time, 3 sec of 2 smites and addition 0.5 effective cd reduction.
So we have 5 sec of pure cast within 5.5 penance CD. So we waste 2nd CD reduction and delay Penance by 1 sec.

2nd Penance has 5.5sec of base CD because of bug. So it was filled by:
2sec penance cast time, 3 sec for 2 smites and addition 0.5 effective cd reduction.
So cast time of 1 penance and 2 smites somehow (with bug help) perfectly fits within 5 sec.
You can cast without delay (Penance-Smite x2). And all Smites will reduce Penance CD. But one of them will reduce current penance CD and other will reduce future penance CD.

In world w/o bug we have to cast (Penance-Smite x3) or idle 0.5 sec after second smite.
But we dont need to. WoW engine loves Discs =)

Its a Smite-magic =)

#402 Udain


    Glass Joe

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Posted 11 March 2013 - 03:47 PM

Gone very quiet in here post 5.2!

If you check the global logs (and I am talking 25man) looks like the biggest numbers are coming from an "atonement" spec, with the player reforging to either haste or crit from mastery and spirit

Using smite/solace (holy fire) with penance and pom on CD as needed and spirit shell when useful for the fight

PoH seems to be used a lot less

I tried haste vs the spec above (but not reforging spirit as most in above spec have) and I could do reasonable numbers against someone using crit in atonement
Healing done - 07-03 21:04 - Starlight - World of Logs

Skurge ran a crit spec and used mainly atonement (dont believe he reforged spirit though) - I was using haste and mainly PoH

Anyone else getting a feeling yet for how this is working out?

I am going to try atonement next with a reforge of spirit as well relying on solace to get me out of regen problems
Spot healing with penance to tank for buff, PoM on CD, and SS on required from RL. PwS for oh shit moments and on tank.

#403 Totsie


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Posted 23 March 2013 - 11:29 AM

As someone that has just started playing Disc again for this patch while one of our normal healers is on holiday for a month, I've been playing an Atonement based spec and loving it. While checking out logs of a lot of the top rankings I'm seeing that most people are playing with Power Infusion for every fight. While I certainly see it's power on fights like Jin'rokh. For fights with more adds or spikes in individuals health, would Twist of Fate not prove even more effective? For our last Horridon kill I had a 55.5% uptime on it over a 10:45min fight (yeah we suck, shush). Compare this to the 10-11% (up to ~15%) that most people have with Power Infusion, how does this work out?

#404 Gloryrider


    Von Kaiser

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Posted 23 March 2013 - 03:30 PM

55% uptime seems plausible on horridon if you focus on hitting adds on low HP, there is another fight mechanic that works against this though.
It seems to be way more effective just nuking the boss like a maniac the whole fight - your extra dps on the adds is negligible anyway, but as the fight progresses you deal more and more damage to the boss due to the stacking debuff. This makes atonement so powerful that after the first gate, it's the only thing you'll need along with PWS for emergencies and to help tanks deal with the triple puncture.
You can of course, if you're quick enough on switching, hit a low-hp add and then the boss for 20ish seconds, just for the buff. I'm sure ToF is a strong choice if you play around it. I just always felt as if it is a lot of hassle and random vs. an on-demand 20% free haste.
The extra bonus of you hitting the boss all the time is the added DPS... I ended our first kill with 89k DPS average, combined with the tanks' damage we get horridon down to about half his health before the 2nd phase even starts, making it such a joke on normal.

As I haven't done Heroic yet I'm not sure if the increased throughput is worth it from ToF, it might definitely be worth it! It's a good tip that I will try out too when we get there.

As for stats from a 10m point of view, I've played around with prioritizing crit over mastery and the other way around and both seem really strong, I personally prefer crit somewhat more since mastery depends on getting crits except for PW:S (and spirit shell, but that scales with crit just as good).
For haste I try to stay around 12% raidbuffed or slightly higher. I tried going with the lowest possible haste (I was at 8% raid buffed) and the casts felt so slow and unresponsive - on top of that I did horrible healing. With 12% raid buffed haste and 11k spirit I just feel comfortable with my cast speed and regen, enough so to run with intellect flask, food and lightweave proc from tailoring.

#405 Totsie


    Glass Joe

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Posted 24 March 2013 - 07:57 AM

Let me clarify my position. My guild does not do heroics and only cleared all the content on normal before the next patch for the first time last tier. Having 60k dps on adds with 2-6mil is much more helpful for my own raids than having 90k on a boss that will probably end up being healed anyway.
The tanks are never in any real danger, what my guild personally lacks is dps and raid awareness so my damage is certainly helpful on the adds, especially on something like a Venomancer that could get that extra cast off (that won't be interrupted) without my damage. I know from a pure numbers standpoint it isn't as effective but if all the dps took that point of view then suddenly we don't get past gate 1 ;)

While I realise that this site mainly caters for the theory of high end raiding, the situation can be applied to progress on most bosses.

As for stats, I run with around 10k spirit but minimal haste. This isn't out of choice and it feels really sluggish. How much of each do most people feel comfortable with?

@Udain. Tell Skurge I said hi :)

#406 Shiinz


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Posted 09 April 2013 - 06:14 PM


sorry if this question has already been asked but is offensive penance works for tier15 4 part proc?

#407 ohcrocsle


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Posted 09 April 2013 - 11:59 PM

Yes, offensive penance does have a chance to proc the Golden Apparition effect.

#408 arvinrivers


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Posted 01 May 2013 - 05:22 PM

What would your advise be, to go 4-set + 1 tf off-piece or 2-set + 3 tf off-piece? How much overhealing do you have with the 4-set effect?

#409 intrepidos


    Von Kaiser

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Posted 11 May 2013 - 11:38 PM


Why isn't Glyph of Weakened Soul listed in the initial post? I use it for the primary purpose of reducing the amount of time needed to wait for Rapture gains. Using the glyph cuts your Weakened Soul debuff down to 13s meanwhile the ICD of Rapture is 12s. Constant mana gains if using PW:S primarily on your tanks.

#410 kouby


    Glass Joe

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Posted 12 May 2013 - 12:19 PM

The glyph was recently changed, it didn't exist when the post was made, and this post is for 5.0, you'll probably find something on it in the 5.2 post. The 2 seconds removed are nice, but I personally prefer using penance, smite and binding heal glyphs, more throughput, and mana has never been a problem for discs.

#411 Gloryrider


    Von Kaiser

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Posted 12 May 2013 - 02:29 PM

Depending on your gearing and playstyle, you might be interested in maxxing mana gains from rapture. I personally try and play with the least spirit possible, for example after using clearcasting LMG I dropped 1-2k spirit in favor of int. The more I practice and work on mana gain, the more spirit I can dump to increase my output which in turn increases my healing done.
in essence, an increase in mana can be translated into a net output gain, one way or another. That's why I usually pick penance glyph along with 2 of following 4: weakened soul, binding heal, holy fire, smite. which depend on the fight, but they are roughly in order of usage for current tier.

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