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Posted 04 October 2012 - 06:21 PM

Post: [Resto] Raid Healing 5.04 MoP
User: Judgejoebrwn
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I further corrected the description on the 2pc set bonus following the changes at #15. Unless my math is wrong (any help with double checking would be much appreciated) it does feel like GHW is not as powerful as HS except for when we surpass a certain level of crit and even then it's only better in HPM.

I just adjusted my spreadsheet to get my GHW heal to your number, which figures a bonus healing of ~23532. After updating my spreadsheet using the 23532 bonus healing figure and adjusting for JUST the AS talent for haste (as it appears you did), my HPM and HPS numbers are much more in line with yours (though not exact) at 0% and 20% crit. Therefore, adjusting the GHW crit chance down to 7% yielded me with a 1:1 HPM rating, so that should be the percentage you'll find for your table. 7% is rather low, as you only need 2% from gear assuming a raid environment. At 20% crit, GHW is a full 10% more mana efficient than HS, though still puts out 25% less HPS. At 20% crit WITH the 2-piece bonus, GHW is 24% more efficient, though whether or not that will be more important in high-level content is another story.

The other factor which can't really be worked out in a spreadsheet or table is overhealing. Although the average heal is technically higher with HS given all the additional crits and AA procs, each individual HS and AA numbers are smaller. This will probably equate to less overhealing on the tank, but it should definitely equate to less overhealing and more effective healing on the raid through AA procs.

It does appear that HS is overall the better option given the data thus far.


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