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Posted 06 October 2012 - 08:10 PM

Post: [Resto] Raid Healing 5.04 MoP
User: EvoV
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When it comes to 25 man raiding at least.... ( I can't really speak for 10mans ) .... neither HS or GHW are dominant heals... so neither of these numbers are of great concern to me. Healing totems and healing rain will be... by far.. your dominant healing spells in these size raids. HS is an impressive option when you're looking to maximize Ascendance for a stacked aoe healing phase. In my experience, in a stacked situation... Riptide-HS-HS is superior to chain heal. But due to the way mastery works for us, and the mechanics of chain heal... I find chain heal to be a superior option under almost all other situations.

If your gear is such that you're capable of hitting 20% crit at the moment, I'd sugest you'll find more benefit from trying harder to optimize for Haste to reach that 20.01% haste break point. Even in 10 mans, you'll struggle to find a top healing shaman where their direct heals ( HS/GHW ) account for more than 15% of their healing done. And in 25mans... there's plenty of top ranked shamans that don't use either HS or GHW more than a couple of times in a fight.

Learn to love unleashed elements + healing rain. And feel free to lightning bolt plenty in a fight. Under a lot of circumstances, when dps take damage, its not sustained damage, and you don't need fast direct heals to top them up instantly. Often, slower more efficient heals are better options ( riptide + healing stream + whatever other healers throw out ). Most of the time, when people need to be topped up... its more than just one or two people, and chain heal / healing rain are your go-to abilities.

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