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Posted 08 October 2012 - 03:41 PM

Post: [Feral-Cat] Mists of Pandaria 5.0.4
User: Robosaurus
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I'm so glad that Heart of the Wild Wrath Spam does similar dps to Dream of Cenarius. Now I won't have to time HT's to buff my bleeds.

Quick comparison of DoC vs Heart of the Wild per fight after week 1 of raiding.
Feng the Accursed
Rank 1 (HotW) Redhet 79099
Rank 2 (DoC) Robosaurus 76584
Rank 3 (HotW) Troidz 74901
Rank 4-8 (HotWx3, DoC x1)

Rank 1 (HotW) Troidz 79486
Rank 2 (DoC) Robosaurus 73508
Rank 3 (HotW) Grondrid 72748
Rank 4- 8 (1DOC + 1NV + 2 HotW)

The Spirit Kings
Rank 1 (HotW) Керровитарр 70010
Rank 2 (HotW) Troidz 68425
Rank 3 (HotW) Drought 67151
Rank 4-8 (HotW)

Rank 1 (DoC) Robosaurus 143835
Rank 2 (HotW) Noreko 142852
Rank 3 (HotW) Jagger 138714
Rank 4-8 (HotW)

Will of the Emperor
Rank 1 (DoC) Robosaurus 86882
Rank 2 (HotW) Troidz 81931
Rank 3 (UNKNOWN) Meaningless 79711
Rank 4- 8(HotW)

With short kill timers, HotW definitely pulls ahead because of the insane burst.

I lol at the idiot person playing DoC, clearly a scrub. The same person ranking with DoC, everyone else is a HotW Genius which is IMO the harder spec.

Edit: Apparently Heart of the Wild Wrath Damage got nerfed by 30%
Heart of the Wild STEALTH nerf... 30% damage - Forums - World of Warcraft

So I guess that would be a 10% ish nerf to all the HotW logs? Unfortunate.

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