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Posted 08 October 2012 - 09:51 PM

Post: [MoP] Beastmastery 5.0.4
User: Lunaboreal
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Hey, all! I'm a bm hunter trying to get the most I can out of this new expansion. On both my character stats and a few quick target dummy tests, I'm seeing a dps gain with crit + haste gear. For example in reverse, I had replaced my the Cinch of the World Shaman (281 agi, blue socket w/20 agi & 30 stam, + 10 agi bonus, 153 crit, 215 haste) with a Cord of Dragon Sinew (321 agi, red socket w/40 agi, blue socket w/20 agi + 30 stam, extra socket w/40 agi, +20 agi bonus, 205 crit, 227 mastery). I ended up keeping the Cord of Dragon Sinew for the ilevel and reforging some of my 30% mastery into haste, and gemming and enchanting for a little more haste. Windflurry cata (agi,crit, & haste) greens also showed more dps than Monkey (agi) and other combinations.

This is the opposite of what's in the guide above. Can someone explain this? Am I missing something? There is a reference to a simulation favoring haste. What simulation is it? Why am I not seeing the synergy between mastery & crit? And, also, please post tables for haste and whatever else there is.

I appreciate the guide! Thank you.
-Lunaboreal @ Galakrond
Night Elf Beastmaster Hunter
The Azeroth Crusaders

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