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Posted 09 October 2012 - 07:03 PM

Post: Holy Moley
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So I want to see some insight on Eternal Flame vs Word of Glory, I see a whole lot of talk about Word of Glory but I use Eternal Flame, its a huge, cast-free, mana free heal. And it puts a HoT on them. I always have like 2-3 EF up at a time and I barely ever go oom and I dps around 20k (+ or -) a few k sometimes. But it seems to be working out great, wondering why people use WoG so much.

Also can I get some info on trinket combinations?
I'm currently using Thousand Pickled Egg from the Direwbrew that one is good for sure, great Int and Haste boost (considering I'm stacking Mastery its good to balance it out.)

But I'm have trouble picking over the Empty-Fruit Barrel or Vial of Ichouous Blood.

I'm using Egg + Blood trinkets just mainly because my mana is great for heroics it seems, but I might switch it out when raid time comes around for the sure mana gain. What do you guys think about this? Also, is 3k int from the barrel trinket even proc enough to be useful? I didn't even notice it when I tried it out.

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Tell me what you think of my toon, any tips will be gladly appreciated.

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