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Posted 27 October 2012 - 10:13 PM

Post: MoP Fire Mage Compendium - Pyros'R'Us
User: stýx
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To add some clarification on the ignite for combustion build up, and your statement about only using !pyro if HU is procced.

assuming !pyro+Hu. you should proc your !pyro with IB and continue to fireball till you have these conditions.

Always start with a fireball. because of the 0.5s cancel delay on HU. If you Fb->!pyro Even if only the !pyro crit you get another !pyro, since the first !pyro lands within the 0.5s cancel delay. if Both crits you get !pyro+Hu and can get lucky and get another !pyro.
This is another reason i find PoM to be overvalued, as i normally have little problems getting 2-4+ pyros into my AT combination. and even without AT its not uncommon to get 2-3+ pyro's
Also activating AT prematurely results in less than the +6s to basicly all trinkets pots and hero at pull, and should be taken into consideration.
I have also seen people suggest using IB if you get a Hu during this chain, and normally it would be 2-3 pyro in to the chain that it is suggested, i find this somewhat stupid as IB lowers your ignite by a large amount, assuming you have 2-3 pyro's in your ignite pool, you might as well combust at this point or take your chances of a higher ignite after AT reset.

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