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Posted 28 October 2012 - 11:34 AM

Post: [Resto] Raid Healing 5.05 MoP
User: Judgejoebrwn
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I was trying to find around the net what is supposed to be a good way to handle healing spells with Ascendance assuming a situation like Arcane Velocity in Feng HC encounter. I'm guessing having Healing Rain down and 3 riptides (if unglyphed) beforehand would be required. But I can't figure out if it's better to just Chain Heal or Healing Surge/Riptide for Tidal (I have around 19% crit raid buffed) or Chain Heal/Healing Surge. I know some of the options are more mana intense than others but it would be useful for the thread to have some info about that matter at least HPS-wise.

I'm starting a spreadsheet to figure this out. One question I have is: when Ascendance is used, do already-active healing spells apply? I would assume so, but this would need clarified for sure.

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