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Infraction for stýx: 1. All posters are to make an effort to communicate clearly.

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Posted 28 October 2012 - 10:48 PM

Post: MoP Fire Mage Compendium - Pyros'R'Us
User: stýx
Infraction: 1. All posters are to make an effort to communicate clearly.
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Administrative Note:

Message to User:

Actually, you got a warning, not an infraction. This, however, is an infraction - we have forum rules to which you agreed when you signed up for this site. They are here: http://elitistjerks....pdated_7_14_10/ - please take time to read them. We understand that we have a large number of readers and posters for whom English is not their native language. But basic paragraphing, punctuation, and capitalization are trivially simple - this is true in Denmark as much as it is here. Make the effort, or do not post.

Even this most recent post of yours uses smilies instead of words and punctuation. We don't do that here, any more than we grunt and point at our screen when trying to communicate something during a raid. Please pay attention to the following rule in particular when you do post:

In particular, all posts should be made in a reasonable approximation of proper English. We realize that a significant number of you are not native speakers, and we do not expect perfection: merely effort. Please obey basic rules of capitalization and punctuation, avoid chatroom abbreviations ("lol", "imo", "u", and the like), and pay at least minimal attention to sentence and paragraph structure. This includes not starting a new paragraph for each sentence.

Also, do not use the @name functionality. This is not Twitter - we have a built-in quote function; please use it.

The points you are making (while you seem to be content with munching a possible Hot Streak, and your ideas about how probability works are a little, well, wrong (2 independent 30% chances do not combine to make a 60% chance - where did you learn that?) are not entirely useless, but between your still-poor communcation and the misinformation here, I am going to move this post out of the thread. It is also unclear what exactly you mean in your final sentence. (What is "2-3/4 pyro into the chain"?)

You may try again - with accurate math, and with a better understanding of how we expect users to communicate here - but subsequent infractions will begin to lead to temporary bans. If you need examples of other user posts that are acceptable and those that are not, please compare the content of the threads with the content of the Dung Heap thread.

Original Post:


First off i got an infraction for my bad grammar in the first post. Grammar have never been a strong side of mine so i will try and do my best here, so i wont get another one. Sorry >< :(

About the !Pyro+HU, i simply wanted to point out that you should be doing FB-->!Pyro instead of just !Pyro, when under those conditions, because of the way the 0.5 sec delay on HU cancel works. If you just do !pyro you lose out on a potential follow up !Pyro.
Assume we have 30% crit.
If you just do !pyro there is a 30% chance you will get another !Pyro, if you do Fb->!pyro you have 2x30%(not 60%) chance of !pyro, no matter witch one of them crit. This is assuming IB is on CD, as you just used it to proc the first !Pyro.

About my IB comments they were aimed at the PoM-pyro AT chain comment:

It should also be worth noting that if you gain a HU proc over the course of this spell chain, you should turn it into a Pyro! with IB and fire it off. You should also be trying to align whatever other cooldowns you have, trinkets, procs etc with this spell chain, remember to utilize procs/cooldowns when firing off your Pyroblasts, not just before you use Combustion.

The earliest i see a use for IB is 2-3/4 pyro into the chain. And there is no point in lowering your ignite with IB at this point.

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