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Posted 31 October 2012 - 02:16 AM

Post: Advanced Frost Priority Tactics (2hand)
User: Dossou
Infraction: 3. All discussion should be both polite and civil.
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Your post was fine until you went ad hominem. Personal attacks are not a valid way to argue your point.

Original Post:

The way I play is essentially not ever waiting for anything with 1-2 exceptions.

1. Obliterate with KM up before end of next swing/GCD
2. If not waiting causes me to have a Frost pair or an Unholy pair not on CD

In my opinion waiting on Obliterates isn't really worth it unless one of the above conditions is the case.

Mendenbarr's statement about never using Killing Machine Frost Strike isn't really correct at all. If you're sitting on RP with no runes up and KM procs, you're wasting more potential procs by not using Frost Strike. My first condition applies this rule. I monitor my swing timer when I have a KM proc stored but no runes to Obliterate. If OB will be available before my next swing, I save the KM for OB. If not, I use Frost Strike. In my gear, my swing timer is ~3 seconds unbuffed, so it's not very difficult to track and hold/use KMs appropriately.

I also disagree with you when you say don't Obliterate with Rime up. The same tracking your swing timer applies here. If KM is procced and your next swing is about to land, it's best to use that KM with Obliterate even if you have Rime procced to avoid wasting a potential 2nd KM proc. However if you can safely use 2 Globals before your swing hits, Rime and then KM Obliterate is the way to go.

What it all boils down to is optimizing your usage of KM procs and ensuring you don't waste any.
When I got a swing timer and starting using to store/use KM procs for Obliterate my DPS increased by a noticeable margin.

Of course the practicality of monitoring a swing timer with the high speed of 2H frost with as the expansion goes on with more and more haste becomes increasingly difficult, but right now it's pretty reasonable.

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