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Posted 31 October 2012 - 11:09 AM

Post: Frost DPS 5.0.4 - The Cold Hand of Death
User: daraz
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For dual wielding

With RE the more haste we had the more reliable was our resources generation which made haste really attractive and at times (depending on gear) better that mastery.

With the blood tap priority and resources generation being more predictable and reliable, couldn't there be a kind of haste cap ? Not really a cap but a level of haste where your enough comfortable with resources generation to focus on crit instead.

Maybe am I doing something wrong but when I sim (simcraft build 505-4) stat weight with the bis profile available here (Simulationcraft Results 505-5 (r14518)), haste seems rather low compared to mastery and crit.

Strenght (3.66) > Expertise (3.61) > Hit (2.95) > Mastery (1.70) > Crit (1.40) > Haste (1.02)

In addition the % of time waiting is 0.39 % which indicates that this priority with 4338 haste is absolutely not resource starved and could rather be at times gcd cap.

In the same time when I sim with my current gear and this priority, and plays with reforge on only 3 slots ( maxing mastery in one case and haste the over ), it has a great impact on haste’s weight.

With 5505 mastery, 3090 haste, 2146 crit :
Strenght (3.35) > Expertise (2.21) > Hit (2.01) > Haste (1.44) > Mastery (1.22) > Crit (1.04)


With 4639 mastery, 3956 haste, 2146 crit :
Strenght (3.34) > Expertise (2.40) > Hit (2.22) > Mastery (1.25) > Crit (1.05) > Haste (0.98)


So this tells me that between 3100 and 4000 there is a kind of threshold where haste becomes less attractive with my current gear, but I suppose that it will be similar with the bis gear.

I am not able to plot anything on my pc to go further, graphs are not displaying (don’t know why) and I am not that comfortable with simcraft.

Does anyone else have noted something similar ? Or I have miss something.

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