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Infraction for ringthree: 7. Do not beg for hand-holding.

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Posted 01 November 2012 - 07:20 PM

Post: Rogue Simple Questions: Mists Edition
User: ringthree
Infraction: 7. Do not beg for hand-holding.
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Isn't this more or less exactly what's stated in the Assassination guide a couple of threads down?

Original Post:

Assassination questions and this is my first post so please don't murder me. :)

These are the assumptions I am currently working under. Please tell me if they are incorrect.

Anticipation for level 90 talent.

Store to 90 energy on all Envenoms.

If Dispatch procs while Envenom is debuff is up, use Dispatch. If Dispatch procs while Envenom debuff is down, wait until the next Envenom to use it, if you will not use mutilate again before your next Envenom.

Use Envenom at 4+CP. If Dispatch procs at 4CP use Dispatch to get to 5CP (this would override the previous assumption about using Dispatch before Envenom).

Use Mutilate if you can't burn enough energy before the previous Envenom expires.

Are these assumptions sound? I have found several contradictory statements about pooling, mutilate usage and what to do during Envenom debuffs.

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