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Posted 05 November 2012 - 04:19 PM

Post: [Balance] Mists of Pandaria 5.0, Guide and Discussion
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Good afternoon fellow Druids. After multiple years of frequenting as a guest I decided to sign up and get involved in the conversation.

I have been searching for a definite answer to the following question and it seems I cannot find one...

Jade Spirit vs Windsong weapon enchants.

From what I gather from reading here some seem to favor Windsong while others favor Jade Spirit. I check armories for just about anyone I can find and this continues to lead to the confusion as it is mixed there as well. Is there no definite answer? Is it mainly a preference? I have been using Windsong since launch but I find myself wanting to try out Jade Spirit and have decided to try it.

I just was wondering if someone with some time and math skills had the actual math between the two?

Thanks for any insight anyone can provide me with.


Jade Spirit is ahead of Windsong most of the time, especially for higher levels of gear (490+). There's a discussion a few pages back on it, as well as in the WrathCalcs thread - Hamlet just redid the way WrathCalcs calculated the DPS of Windsong, and it was found that Jade Spirit pulls ahead by quite a bit in the H BiS scenario.

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