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Posted 07 November 2012 - 05:33 AM

Post: Mists of Pandaria: All Specs
User: widgee
Infraction: 6. Do not post unless you have something new and worthwhile to say.
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Grimoires and the fact that the spec is behind is covered by the simcraft thread.

Original Post:

Although this is a thread for all warlock specs I feel like destro is not being mentioned or theroycrafted much if at all. That being said I personally have a couple questions about destro this tier.
1. Does the warlock community feel like destro is viable as a pve raiding spec this tier? Is it really so far behind affliction as to be overlooked ?
2. For the people out there who are raiding as Destro what are you using as an opener? For instance are you using dark soul at pull and trying to crit as much as possible while building embers or are people finding it better to save dark soul for chaos bolts to get the increased damage from the increased crit?

Finally has anyone crunched the exact #s regarding gilmore of sacrafice versus haveing a pet and the demon training glyph?

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