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Infraction for big_stace: The Banhammer

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Posted 17 November 2012 - 04:31 PM

Post: Holy Moley
User: big_stace
Infraction: The Banhammer
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Administrative Note:

Message to User:

Here's how this is going to go: I tell you your post is garbage, you send me a whiny or entitled rebuke, I explain the forum rules that you agreed to when you signed up, and you keep crying until I ban you.

Let's just skip to the end.

Original Post:

Guys i wouldnt normally post anything like this but im in serious need of help i normally play a resto shami and because of all the helpfull tips from this site im pretty flipping good but i wanna try pala out for MoP and i suck, suck hard. im not used to being 2nd on the heal meter let alone 6 or 7 and healing half of what the others are ive gone through many guildes and tested stuff but when it comes to raid day i quickly realise how bad i am at it.

the rota i been using is holy shock on cooldown, 3 stacks of holy power and eternal flame on tanks and spam small heal and if i need to grp heal its holy rad + light of dawn of 3 stacks

if anyone could give me any help it would be very much appreciated.

this is my last try before i hang up my holy pala boots

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