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Infraction for Camerron: Multiple violations.

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Posted 18 November 2012 - 09:51 PM

Post: Blood Tanking - Actively Mitigating since before it was cool
User: Camerron
Infraction: Multiple violations.
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Original Post:

hey guys,
first lets me say that this is a great fourm and a great thread.

and for my question.
what do u think is better for us, [Screaming Tiger, Qiang's Unbreakable Polearm] - that come with Agil, but 871 mast.
or [Lightbreaker Greatsword] that come with Strg. and 681 mast.

i've checked, and with my gear, the lose of Strg. is a bit less then 1% Parry.. so its not all bad...

what's ur thoughts...

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