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Infraction for HellHamsterr: 8. All accounts must have a valid WoW profile.

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Posted 26 November 2012 - 04:29 AM

Post: SimulationCraft for Warlocks (Panda Edition)
User: HellHamsterr
Infraction: 8. All accounts must have a valid WoW profile.
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Fix your profile link to the armory so people who want to help, can see your character. Thanks.

Original Post:

As a demo lock, I'm quite confused at the moment with simulationcraft. According to the profile and stat weights of Simulationcraft Results haste at 3403 rating is overshadowed by both mastery and crit, which are equal to one another. However, when I sim my own character using 10.000 iterations (who has ~4717 haste by the way for the "pseudo" corruption soft cap, while I tried to balance critical and mastery after that, but putting more emphasis on mastery anyway) with the latest simcraft version, haste has a scale factor of 2 while mastery and crit are both equal at ~1.55.

I'm feeling confident haste is indeed better in reality than both mastery and crit (at least until a point), but what is exactly going on? My character isn't in the same gear level as the simcraft t14H profile obviously, but a 20 ilvl difference shouldn't warrant a complete U-turn in secondary stats' scale factors (should it?).

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