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Posted 29 November 2012 - 01:50 AM

Post: Enhance me [5.0.5] - Now with 100% more CDs!
User: jonlol
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Original Post:

Hey guys, thanks for writing this amazing guide on enhancement shaman mop.

I have a couple quick questions on the current priority list given to me via SimCraft:

# count action,conditions
U 0.00 elemental_mastery,if=talent.elemental_mastery.enabled
V 2.00 fire_elemental_totem,if=!active&(buff.bloodlust.up|buff.elemental_mastery.up|target.time_to_die<=totem.fire_elemental_totem.duration+10|(talent.elemental_mastery.enabled&(cooldown.elemental_mastery.remains=0|cooldown.elemental_mastery.remains>80)|time>=60))
W 2.95 ascendance,if=cooldown.strike.remains>=3
X 6.89 searing_totem,if=!totem.fire.active
Y 29.23 unleash_elements,if=talent.unleashed_fury.enabled
Z 0.00 elemental_blast,if=talent.elemental_blast.enabled
a 23.40 lightning_bolt,if=buff.maelstrom_weapon.react=5
b 5.82 stormblast
c 48.51 stormstrike
d 10.46 flame_shock,if=buff.unleash_flame.up&!ticking
e 40.67 lava_lash
f 0.00 unleash_elements
g 31.74 lightning_bolt,if=buff.maelstrom_weapon.react>=3&!buff.ascendance.up
h 0.00 ancestral_swiftness,if=talent.ancestral_swiftness.enabled&buff.maelstrom_weapon.react<2
i 0.00 lightning_bolt,if=buff.ancestral_swiftness.up
j 3.27 flame_shock,if=buff.unleash_flame.up&dot.flame_shock.remains<=3
k 41.34 earth_shock
l 4.10 feral_spirit
m 1.88 earth_elemental_totem,if=!active&cooldown.fire_elemental_totem.remains>=50
n 0.00 spiritwalkers_grace,moving=1
o 30.73 lightning_bolt,if=buff.maelstrom_weapon.react>1&!buff.ascendance.up

For section "e", we should use lava lash no matter what number of stacks of searing totem we have correct?

Should we use our CDS (Potion, Engin Gloves, Ascendance) immediately before or immediately after bloodlust is popped?

For the "o" section, we should only use LB if the MW is at 2 or higher correct?

Thanks in advance for the clarification.

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