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Posted 29 November 2012 - 01:40 PM

Post: [Balance] Simple questions + WoL Feedback
User: benscott
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Hello guys im klydefrog, id like some help with the haste break points and understanding them.
I thought I had them worked out and down to an art but it appears ive totally confused myself and im now doubting my understanding.

Ill link my profile and i currently have full haste reforge because of the reforge lite addon tryint to get me 5273 haste
Klydefrog @ Darkspear - Community - World of Warcraft

Id like to know/understand how much haste i can have without NG or Mookin aura and reach the highest breakpoint.

My understanding was that 425 was 1% haste, so in my current gear setup i have 32.04% haste with both buffs meaning i have 13617 haste rating but i assumed this ment i was over the 10289 haste breakpoint. I looked at Hamlets guide and i see the breakpoints are 5273, 10289 and 15318.

Is this correct?

The basic point im trying to make or find out is how much haste i can have (actual stat like 1000) without NG or Moonkin aura.

Any help here would be much appreciated!

Thanks klydefrog

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