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Warning for Eluniar: Link Broken

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Posted 29 November 2012 - 08:56 PM

Post: Hunter FAQ MoP Edition (read this before asking questions)
User: Eluniar
Infraction: Link Broken
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Just wanted to let you know I'm moving your post out of the thread as the link is broken and thus useless.

Original Post:

Short answer is, we don't have data to say either way - if you want to contribute, do dummy tests with and without BW preferably naked (so you have as little AP as possible, and as little variance as possible) and do it with the glyph of stampede, so the pet is all the same - also keep your pet thats out on the target as well.

Here's a text document with original combat log information as well as what was done to get those numbers to show how Stampede, Dire Beast, and A Murder of Crows interact / don't interact with Bestial Wrath.

filehosting.org - download page for testing1.txt

I realize i'm a little late to the party now as Rivkah already said how things work above, but i'd like to think having the confirmed numbers and methods can help some hunters out there, or maybe be useful in some other sort of data analysis :P

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