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Infraction for Chantuk: Multiple violations.

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Posted 30 November 2012 - 03:26 AM

Post: Frost DPS 5.0.4 - The Cold Hand of Death
User: Chantuk
Infraction: Multiple violations.
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Original Post:

After some further investigation, the variance between haste values and mastery values doesn't appear to be linked to the 2pc, but rather the use of Plague Leech/Blood tap vs unholy blight/runic empowerment. Changing these spec choices seems to relatively drastically alter the values of haste and mastery.

I would link my results, but until asked I'll leave them out to prevent confusion (no sense bringing another profile into the mix, and it would probably be better discussing the differences based on the BiS profile as opposed to my personal profile). However, as far as my own personal gear setup is concerned, I'd like to hear opinions of why haste would be so much more valued with RE then with BT. My best guess is the interaction benefits, but the data is quite skewed because I am not seeing in game what sim craft is suggesting with haste having a higher value then mastery.

For example with identical gear/stats, only changing the spec:


DPS: 90,329
Str: 3.25
Haste: 1.50
Mastery 1.29
RP In\out: 6.9
Waiting: 12.69%
APM: 52.8

DPS: 93,458
Str: 3.4
Haste: 1.28
Mastery: 1.39
RP In/Out: 7.2
Waiting: 4.39
APM: 66.0

Only thing I can imagine is that the abilitiy BT provides from having the rune on demand, as opposed to RE's random chance, that creates the void and therefor devalues the haste. I'd appreciate anyone else's theories.

So with this setup, are we gemming/reforgeing the way 2H'ers are? I just switched to DW but i've gotten so used to UB/RE

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