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Infraction for dascott: Mod sass with a side of irony

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Posted 02 December 2012 - 11:56 AM

User: dascott
Infraction: Mod sass with a side of irony
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Administrative Note:

Message to User:

Re: You have received an infraction at Elitist Jerks
Providing a fact that simcraft undervalues combustion without a single complaint voiced anywhere in the message is whining, gotcha. But I guess making -any- post with any words in it following a major nerf must obviously be "whining" because duh. Oh, and it's my fault that the guy I was responding to didn't look shit up for himself and I provided an answer. Because clearly the mage forum is overloaded with contributors and conversation and needs to overmoderated to death.

See, THAT was "WHAAAH". The post you referenced was not.

Oddly enough, your response is pretty close to the mark in a few ways. You don't like how Simcraft models combustion and have a hand-wavy anecdote that you think should help people make a guess, instead of trying to, say, provide an actual improvement for the sim? Anecdotal guesswork is not what we do here. You provide no actual data, no logs, just a couple imprecise numbers that at best would be a single data point; why should anyone consider that useful? We sim things in the tens of thousands of runs to reduce variance, but actual individual parses will vary - it's not unreasonable that a single fight might be 10% different to the simmed average.

A lot of people make posts after nerfs that don't contribute anything that's useful - yours was one of them. We trash-heap those posts. And yes, you're absolutely right, it is your fault that you replied to a lazy handholding request. We have a rule that says, quite clearly, not to do that. Just because there's not a lot of chatter on the mage forum isn't an excuse to make crap posts - you posted, but you didn't contribute.

We have posting rules, your post broke them, and you got infracted. How a whiny reply that demonstrates that you haven't figured out what those rules mean is supposed to counter the idea that I thought you were being whiny about the sim in the first place is a bit of a puzzle, but not one over which I'm going to spend time fretting.

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